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10 Top Amazon Seller Tools for Newbies in 2019

Thursday, April 18, 2019

In 2019, more people are discovering the benefits of starting an Amazon FBA business. With relatively little investment, it is possible to build a business which can start to generate high-level, regular income in a relatively short time frame.

Getting started can be overwhelming, but luckily there are a number of great tools which can help you to optimize your processes in order to be more successful.

It’s easy to find a list of top Amazon FBA seller tools online, but not all of them are geared to newbies. The list below should help put you on the right track to build a successful Amazon business.


1. Camelcamelcamel
This tool has a wealth of resources and information for Amazon FBA sellers and is particularly useful for those just getting started. It is essentially a website (with free membership registration required) which contains guides, news, tips and add-ons and downloads to help you with your Amazon FBA business. Extra bonus: this tool is completely free!


2. Keyworx
Keyworx is a keyword tracker tool specifically designed for Amazon sellers. Keyword tracking is important because having the right keywords in your listing is critical for Amazon SEO: that is ranking at the top of user searches on Amazon. This, in turn, is important because it means more potential customers will see your listing, increasing the chances of making sales. As a new seller, it is highly recommended that you get on top of keywords asap, and a tool like this is the best way to do this quickly. Keyworx has a monthly subscription fee, but this includes on-going support, training, and tutorials so for many will be worth the payment.


3. Amazon Seller App
This is a free tool which you can use to help your retail arbitrage. Its main function is scanning items and then presenting a suggested selling price for you as an FBA seller. This app is fairly basic, but it is a good introductory tool and can be a great option to try out Amazon FBA without any upfront investment because it is completely free to download and use. This makes this a good way to “test the waters” of being an Amazon FBA seller.



4. Octoparse
It’s a fully free web crawler tool for scraping data from Amazon. Octoparse can extract data including but not limit to the product details, customer reviews, and profiles. As an added bonus, this web crawler also provides a built-in Amazon task template with pre-set extraction data fields. As a result, Amazon sellers can enjoy the convenience of data scraping without coding and setting rules. You can analyze the data in the form of Excel/HTML/CSV and choose the right market strategy for your business at fingertips. Check their Amazon scraping tutorials on Youtube: 


5. Profit Bandit
Once you have decided you definitely want to proceed and pursue business as an Amazon FBA seller, you could look to invest in a paid tool. Profit Bandit is a good option for this and is low-priced at just $15/month. A little more sophisticated than Amazon Seller App, it has pre-set filters which automatically calculate profit/loss on your products. It has some other useful features, too, like flagging items which are “collectible” and in-app competitor analysis from other platforms.


6. Unicorn Smasher
One very important part of running an Amazon FBA business is product research. Knowing your product, what competitors are selling, and what price consumers are prepared to pay can make the difference between skyrocketing sales at healthy profit margins and a business which struggles to break even. Unicorn Smasher is a website which provides members with great information, downloads and support to help you with product research.



7. AMZ Finder
Another important aspect you will need to keep on top of as an Amazon FBA seller is customer reviews. Customer reviews are critical for both ranking your listing in Amazon searches and convincing your potential customers to buy (also known as conversion rate optimization or CRO). AMZ Finder helps you seek reviews through automated emailing, offering 500 free emails per month. Paid plans are also available which allow you to send more emails, but 500 per month should be enough for the newbie seller.


8. Price Blink
Price Blink is an add-on you can download to your browser which shows you the lowest price available on a particular item across different websites. This is useful for Amazon FBA sellers in two ways: firstly as competitor research to see what price your items are being sold for elsewhere. Secondly, it can help you find the best price on materials and products you may need for your business.


9. Sellics
As your business continues to grow, you may consider subscribing to a comprehensive management tool for Amazon sellers. There are many such tools available, and Sellics is a strong example, which is also specifically made for Amazon FBA. Sellics helps you with the major areas of your business, including SEO, PPC (pay-per-click advertising), research, reviews, competitor monitoring, and inventory management.


Amazon SEO Consultant helps Amazon FBA sellers rank products and exponentially grow their business. Professional consultants use a suite of professional tools to do this, but even a newbie seller will be able to see the benefit of entry-level tools to establish a successful business.  


10. Zon.Tools

Get ahead of the game with our Enterprise Management and Automation Software for Amazon PPC. Zon.Tools automates Amazon Sponsored Products best practices and allows you to manage your Campaigns in an unprecedented way. Its Smart Engines are extremely flexible and can adapt to any Amazon Advertising strategy or goal.


By using the right Amazon FBA seller tools, you will instantly expand your skills and knowledge in order to be on the right track to grow a successful business. Building a successful Amazon FBA business is achievable by pretty much everyone, but there is some technical knowledge required in order to do this. Having the right tools will give you this knowledge, in order to build your business and hit your goals in 2019!

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