Can You Export Google Map Search Results to Excel

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Google Maps is an excellent source for finding business leads and contacts. As data about all the businesses worldwide are available in Google Maps, it can be one of the go-to resources if you are researching local businesses and need their data.

So, is it possible to export these Google search results data to Excel sheets? Or a saved list from Google Maps?

The short answer to this question is ‘YES’. You can export Google Maps search results and get all the business data in an Excel Sheet or a CSV file. There are a lot of tools to help you get this data. In this blog post, we will discuss what data we can scrape from Google Maps and how to export Google Maps search results easily and quickly.

What Data Can You Scrape from Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most powerful mapping tools on the web to gather information about businesses, schools, restaurants, stores, etc. It is a source of useful information for people who want to get an idea about a place, location, or business.

You can get almost every information about any business including name, location, ratings, full addresses, phone numbers, websites, hours, no of reviews, zip codes, latitude and longitude, and other details about the business which can be used for various purposes.

These data can be extremely valuable to online marketers and digital service providers, who can use it to approach businesses and promote their services. So, It is one of the most effective ways to generate leads and reach out to more customers. It can also help people who are seeking the best places or businesses in their local area.

Google Maps also provides an API for users to access the data about Google places details, routes, and maps. With Google Maps API, developers can get data from all the businesses listed in Google Maps using HTTP requests via API.

Google Maps discourages web scraping and does not allow scraping its content for use outside the Google Map Service, according to Google Maps terms and conditions. However, scraping publicly available data from any site including Google Maps is completely legal as it does not violate any privacy rights of Google Maps.

So, if you are just getting the information that is publicly available to everyone from Google Maps, then scraping that data is legal. But it also depends on where and how you use these public data.

Export Google Maps Search Results into Excel

There are numerous ways to export Google Maps search results. You can use Python framework to create a scraper and use different open source projects from GitHub. However, if you know nothing about coding, some easy data scraping tools like Octoparse will be helpful.

Octoparse is a free web scraping tool that can extract data from any website. It makes the process of extraction of data from the web easier and faster without having to write any codes. It will automatically scrape data from almost any website and lets you save the data in a structured format. You can also find advanced functions like scheduled scraping, APIs, IP rotation, cloud service, etc.

octoparse google maps scraping templates

Octoparse also provides preset task templates for a lot of popular websites including Google Maps, Amazon, Twitter, eBay, Best Buy, Yelp, Yellowpages, etc. You can preview the data sample and just finish the scraping by entering several keywords (Restaurant, TX) or a Google Maps URL, then run the scraper and export the data.


However, if you want to customize the crawler or scrape Google search results for free, then you can follow the simple steps given or read the easy tutorial about scraping business information from Google Maps.

3 steps to download Google Maps list as Excel/CSV

Download and install Octoparse from the official website and sign up for a free account. Search your keyword on Google Maps copy the resulting URL, and then paste it into the main panel of Octoparse. Click on the Start button to start auto-detecting.

Step 2: Customize the workflow to get the desired data

Create a workflow after the auto-detecting, you can preview the data fields you’ll get. You can make changes by following the Tips panel it shows if needed.

Step 3: Export Google Maps search results to Excel

After all data fields are checked, click on the Run button to run the process. You can download the scraped data as Excel or any other format once the process is finished.

Watch the video guide on extracting store info from Google Maps

How to export Google Maps list to Excel

A Google Maps list is a feature within Google Maps that allows users to create and organize personalized collections of places or points of interest. It enables users to compile and save specific locations they find useful, interesting, or relevant for later reference or sharing with others.

However, exporting a Google Maps list directly is not provided by Google. You can use the similar steps above to get the Google Maps list data download.

Another choice is using Google My Maps or Google Takeout if you have created a custom map using Google My Maps. Go to Google My Maps and open the specific map you want to export. From the menu, choose “Export to KML/KMZ” or “Export to CSV” to download the data in a compatible format. Once downloaded, you can import the exported file into Excel.

Final Thoughts

Now, you have learned how to easily scrape and export Google Maps results by using Octoparse. You only need to choose a template, enter a URL or search query, run the scraper template, and Octoparse will begin collecting data from Google Maps, which you can export into Excel or CSV format once the run completes.

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