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Free Image Extractors Around the Web

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Images are often the preferred medium for displaying information across the website and you may want to save all the images from the website. However, you would find it a little difficult to extract the images alone from the website as there are many other media on the website. Here, we will talk about 3 free image extractors or methods to satisfy your special need.



3 Free Images Extraction Tools

1. Image Extraction Tool

The Image Extraction tool is a free online tool to help you generate a list of images found within a designated webpage. It is very simple to use. You only need to enter the URL of the page into the browser. You will get the result after entering the target URL.



2. Download All Images

Download All Images is an image extractor extension based on the web browser, and helps you to download all the pictures in a given URL. It is very fast and easy to use as you just need to click the icon after installation. You could preview the images before saving them. It would also show you the size of the picture, which could help you better decide whether to download the images or not.



OWIDIG is an online image extractor and can automatically download the images of a target URL. It grabs and lists image content and information from websites with many filtering options. By OWIDIG, you can choose whether to include both standard and CSS images, or only ones of them. You can filter images by their dimensions, type, URL, filename and ordinal number. It also offers downloading of grabbed images and sharing grabbed images on social networks. With OWIDIG service, people can grab images from any website, view them, filter them or download them. Images can be grabbed from sites with standard HTTP protocol as well as secure HTTPS protocol by OWIDIG.


Image Scraper to Extract Any Pictures

The tools introduced above are for online image extraction and a single URL limit, and thus some people may find it not as powerful as they think. Don’t worry, there are also some other image scrapers that may fit your scraping needs if you don’t know the coding language at all. If you are interested in this idea, please continue reading to know more about the information.

There are various web scraping tools for both people who don’t know coding and programmers today, here we will introduce Octoparse, a no code web scraping tool in detail. Octoparse is a modern visual web data extraction software. Both experienced and inexperienced users would find it easy to bulk extract information from websites. For most scraping tasks, no coding is needed. Just by clicking, users can turn webpage data into structured data within several minutes. The important point is it is available for both macOS and Windows systems.


You can build a crawler from scratch with the "Custom Task" in Octoparse to scrape data. With the "Custom Task", users can use the "Auto-detect web page data" feature to scan the webpage automatically. Once the scan is completed, you can pick the dataset that you'd like to fetch and follow through the recommended steps to build a workflow. You also can modify the workflow to add more fields or delete the data as needed.

Let’s take a look at how to build an image crawler from scratch with the “Custom Task”

  1. Go to the web page you want to scrape
  2. Create the workflow
  3. Start the extraction
  4. Run and export the data


Step 1. Go to the web page you want to scrape

Enter the Indeed URL page you want to scrape in The URL bar on the homepage 

Click “Start”

This is a URL for this example: https://www.amazon.com/ref=nav_logo


Step 2. Create the workflow

  • Click “Auto-detect web page data”
  • Wait till you see “Auto-detect completed”
  • Check the data preview to see if all the data you want are included or any unnecessary data field you would like to delete
  • If you want to download the file (no matter it is image or documents), on the right upper corner of every column, click on the “three point icon” and choose “download files”
  • Click on “Create workflow”


Step 3. Run the image crawler

  • Click “Save” and click “Run” 
  • Select “Run task on your device” to run the task on your PC, or select “Run task in the Cloud” to run the task in the cloud


Step 4. Export the extracted image data

  • After running the data, export them into formats of your choice, including Excel sheets, CSV, HTML and more; or even your own database
  • You can also schedule the task to run at any time you’d like


On the other hand, Octoparse provides hundreds of ready-to-use web scraping task templates, which allow you to scrape data from popular websites directly without task configuration. It is really good for the beginner who has no idea about creating a crawler to scrape the data they want. All they need to do is choose a template that can help to get the target data and enter some information. And then the scraper will scrape the data for you. With these pre-built templates, you can extract data directly from other big sites, such as Google Maps, Google Search and more within clicks. Below are some examples:


  • E-commerce & Retail platforms: Amazon, eBay, etc.
  • Directories: Yellowpages, Yelp, Google Maps, Crunchbase, etc.
  • Online travel agency sites: Booking, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, etc.
  • and more: Real estate listings, social media channels


Alright, hope this article is helpful to you if you want to bulk download images. Welcome to try out Octoparse if you are interested and have web scraping needs. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or provide feedback through support@octoparse.com


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