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4 Ways to Scrape Images from Web Pages or Websites

Wednesday, August 11, 2021


There are so many fantastic pictures on photo platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest and unlimited number of product photos on e-commerce sites that can inspire your business. This article will show you how to download or scrape images from websites efficiently. 


Table of Contents

Use a browser tool

Use a client-based web scraping tool

For programmers and...

Video Tutorial


I will walk you through 4 ways to scrape images down to your local file. As you read along, you would see how easy it is to get images you want within a few clicks. 


Let’s get started!


Use a Browser Tool to Scrape Images

1. Use Firefox

You may be surprised that everything is just behind a right-click. You can download all the images of the present website by following steps. A few seconds away.

download images from pinterest


Open the website you are going to get images from with Firefox. Right click on the blank area and you will see the option of “view page info”. Click it.


firefox image downloader


Here is the Page Info popup. 


Skip the general information and click “Media”. You will see a list of URLs of those images you are going to download.

Click “select all” - ”Save as”: Now you are getting all the images from the website!


images downloaded using firefox


2. Use Chrome

If you are using Chrome, here is a tool for you, the Chrome extension: Image downloader.

Open the website you are aiming to scrape pictures from. Launch the extension tool and you will find that this tool offers a filter to help you get rid of those small tiny icons and only download those normal-size pictures you need.


chrome image downloader


3. Forget about what browser you are using,

Here is a web-based tool to bulk download the images of a website: IMAGE CYBORG.

These methods can help you download the images of the target website in seconds. Good for single-page download. While if you are looking to scrape images from a series of pages within the site, or beside the images, you also want a set of data related to each of the image (for example to locate the product name and price of the product image), for the convenience of data retrieval, you should turn to a web scraping tool.


Use a Client-based Web Scraping Tool to Scrape more than images

4. If you are not satisfied with a foolproof single-page download

You can challenge yourself with a web scraping tool (here takes Octoparse as an example) and I bet you will have fun with it.


Unlike a single-page image downloader, a scraping tool will help you get URLs of the needed images. And once you get all the URLs, you can just bulk download the images to your computer. 


When you should use Octoparse to scrape images?


  • “I am going to scrape images spanning over numerous pages”


scrape images across pages

Using Octoparse to scrape images, you can add pagination to the crawler so that it can scrape down image URLs automatically over a multitude of pages. Instead of downloading the images page by page using an extension tool, Octoparse could save you a lot of time.

  • “I am going to scrape images spanning over numerous screens”


scrape images with infinite scrolls

Google Images with infinite scroll


Instead of pagination, Google Images uses infinite scroll and users have to scroll down to activate the loading of new content. Can a scraping tool get all pictures loaded before starting the process? 


Yes, Octoparse can easily deal with pages with AJAXit has a built-in browser that simulates human activities and visualizes the process. You can set the browser to scroll down to the bottom before starting to scrape.


  • “I want not only the images but also other information related to it”

People working on e-commerce product research won’t be satisfied with product images alone. They have to study not only the look and design of the product, but also prices and other parameters to evaluate its overall performance.

urls scraped using octoparse

Data scraped from Amazon using Octoparse’s templates


Octoparse offers templates for users to scrape from a series of websites such as Amazon, Yelp, Booking, etc. In this case, you can not only scrape down the URLs of images, but also other information of the product, the restaurant or the hotel.


Now since you have two data sets available(images and related detail information) in correspondence with one another, you get a small product database now and can start your research!


Want to bulk download thousands of images?

This video is a tutorial that gives a step-by-step guide to help users scrape and download images from Aliexpress with Octoparse. When you get a hang of the tool, you can download images from any website without effort!




If you are a programmer or...


If you are a programmer, or you are willing to take a bigger move to see how to scrape images from websites, python could be a very classic way to meet the end. How about starting a small scrapy project for it?

Author: Cici  

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