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Email Extractor: Gathering Sales Leads in Minutes

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

What is a sales lead?

By definition, a sales lead is “a person or entity that has the interest and authority to purchase your product or service”, being regarded as the initial stage of the sales process. That said, a sales lead equals to a person whom you could sell your product to.


Table of Contents

What is a sales lead

How to gather sales leads

  1. Python
  2. Email extractor extension
  3. Octoparse

How to use sales leads effectively



So, the question is how to find a group of people in scale and contact them directly.


How to gather sales leads in minutes?

To answer the question above, there are roughly two answers: Money OR Knowledge. If you have enough money, just go purchase databases of telephone numbers and email addresses. However, as far as I know, considering the cost of marketing, most people would choose the second option, using Knowledge (i.e. technology method) to settle this problem.


SO, the following parts will introduce how to use Knowledge to get scale leads in minutes.


1. Python

Python is regarded as the simplest computer language as it employs English grammar in writing a script.


However, although everyone can read and understand what the script means, it’s still not that simple to make it work smoothly if we don’t spend some time learning its rules in advance. Besides, it might not be capable to fix all the websites as different websites have different layouts.


Regardless of the above problems, Mainly, there are 4 steps to get the whole process done.


Step 1: Download Python.

Step 2: Copy matching Python script from Github, an open-source website, and paste it to Python directly.

Step 3: Modify the script according to your need. For example, in this case, we should enter the URL.

Step 4: Just Click “Run Module” to start capturing the data you need.


 gather sale leads with python


Speaking of Python, I would love to recommend you an excellent tool, named Kite. It can help give you useful code completion for Python, being available for Atom, PyCharm, Sublime, VS Code, and Vim.


2. Email Extractor(Chrome Extension)

Email Extractor is a Chrome add-on extension. It’s very convenient for everyone to add it in the Chrome Browser and use it to capture data. A very nice thing is, there is a video tutorial to introduce how to capture email from Google search result.





However, there are some limitations to Email Extractor. First, it can only extract the email from one page at a time. That is to say, we should do the pagination job manually and result in the limited results. Second, we should do some copy and paste job as the captured data cannot export to local directly.


3. Octoparse

Octoparse is a very powerful tool to capture data without coding required. Literally speaking, everyone can use it to get data directly within clicks. For example, using Octoparse Task Template to gather sales leads form yellowpages.com.


create your first scraper with octoparse 7x updated



To be honest, it could be a limitation of Octoparse Task Template Mode as it cannot be edited according to our need. However, there is an Advanced Mode which enables us to customize our own crawler.



BONUS: How to use those lead effectively?

In this part, I’d love to introduce some tips on email marking which, hopefully, could inspire you a little bit in making full use of the email addresses we captured.


1. Using Email Marketing tools, like MailChimp.

An automation Email tool can save you a lot of time connecting with tons of potential clients. We can use MailChimp to schedule automation emails to follow up


2. Offering valuable help to your target groups.

The valuable help could be a free trial, like what Octoparse does OR some free materials, such as Free white papers or eBooks.

 Octoparse Download

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Author: Erika



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