Octoparse Customer Stories: How we use web scraping to make money

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Our customers have their own way to generate profits with web scraping, if you are interested in making money or just reading stories, stay with me.

Find reselling opportunities

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By examining our current users, we will know the ecommerce business is always in need of data to make smart decisions. Most of our users who are running a well-established online business are scraping full product data online and even getting data about their competitors and business partners.

You can use the same data to find a reselling opportunity.

That’s what this story is about, an owner of an ecommerce platform, doing reselling business of Amazon products. The key for the success is to get real-time accurate product information from Amazon, and sell well-performing products on its own platform to people who by all reasons are not using Amazon or missing these products on Amazon. With products and all data ready, the rest of your business is to create a price gap for profits and find the right audience who anticipates higher prices. 

If you are reaching the right audience, making full use of the price gap, you are definitely the money maker. Of course you need product data in this case and web scraping is a perfect way to get data online.

Build a content platform for subscribers

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We are all overwhelmed by floods of data and information everyday and if you can be the filter who extracts out the valuable data and puts it in one single place to reach, people will be happy to pay.

Web scraping is widely used in this respect, both for individuals and companies who are running as a data or content provider. This story is a case in the financial industry. The customer is using Octoparse to scrape news, articles, relevant financial data and events and extract valuable intelligence out to serve investors and bankers.

If you are experienced in an industry, you should know what data and information people in this field are desperate for or they would need in daily work. Building up an aggregator website that serves the target audience will bring you something. 

Get lower price by data comparison: 

Marketing Syngergy & Blind Rivet

“We use it (Octoparse) just to grab data. We’re gonna expand outwards to look at other vendors and grab pricing for competitive advantages… And then we can actually use it in that direction.”

Getting a lower price can be a perfect way to curtail your costs and as we have discussed about the price gap opportunity above, a lower price can also be used to make profits. In this customer story, the owner of this retailing business is using web scraping data to locate suppliers with the best offer.


Web scraping is really making a difference in business world and we are proud to be a part of this movement. If you are ready to explore the value of data, let’s join hands!

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