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Friday, December 31, 2021

Do you have problem with web scrpaing? Try to talk to Octoparse support team! In case you don't know where to seek help, this article introduces what our support team can do for you and how you can get in touch with them. 


Table of Contents

What our support team can help

How to get in touch with the support team


  Submit a request

  Online help




 What our support team can help

1. Product support

    1. ) Data extraction solutions

    2. Web scraping enterprise solution

    3. ) Need help with Octoparse 7/8 use

    4. ) Software bugs




2. Feedback

We are glad to help and make our product even better for you. If you find any missing features, please feel free to contact us (support@octoparse.com). We are open to advice and willing to make improvements.



How to get in touch with the support team

Our friendly staff is available online and ready to help you by email or live chat. We haven't opened any hotline for phone consulting yet.


1. Email (support@octoparse.com)

You can email the problem you are facing to support@octoparse.com.

      • You email would be replied within 1-2 business days. If our support team are fully occupied with requests, it may take longer, while you will receive notice beforehand.Octoparse users are passionate to learn and we have a large quantity of support inquires. It's glad to see how Octoparse triggers people's interests in web scraping, but this also casues difficulties for the support team in timely replying every request.

      • In order to better help our users, we have created a Help Center with series of tutorials and Community for users to interact with each others. Our users can search on the Help Center to find seld-help tutorials. Or they can raise questions in the Community and learn from other users.

      • In order to receive efficient help from our support, we highly recommend you to attach relevant screenshots or enclose your exported task in .otd file (if your problem concerns crawler building) and other details that helps clearly convey the problem you are facing. 

 Information that would help us understand your problem:

  • 1. website (the website you want to extract)
  • 2. Attributes (the content you choose from the website)
  • 3. Extraction Rule (the extract rule you configured)
  • 4. otd file (the Octoparse file)
  • 5. Problem Description (Some screenshots may be needed)


2. Submit a request to our support team

You can ask for help by sending a ticket to our support team. There are three ways to reach the submission page:

1) Go to our home page - "support" - "contact support" - submit a request 

Step 1: Hover on the "Support" button and click "Contact Support" 

Step 2: Fill out the form with details of your problem


2) Open our Octoparse software - click "Contact Us" - submit your request

3) Click the "Help" button at the lower right corner of our website



3. Online Help: Skype (Only for Enterprise clients)

We offer online help on Skype for our Enterprise clients. If you are an Enterprise plan subscriber, you can contact our support to join our SKype group.  



4. Priority

There are hundreds of emails to be answered by us every business day. Due to the time constraints, our customer support is prioritized for Standard and Professional subcribers hence we may only provide limited support for free version customers. 

However, we are dedicated to helping both our paid and free users and provide equal assistance for both.


If you are looking to learn more about Octoparse, check out the links below:

About Octoparse

Help Center (Self-help materials!)

Video: Octoparse 8.X Tutorials! (Scrape Amazon, eBay...)



And of course, don’t forget to join us on Twitter, Facebook( our FB page/ our FB group ) and YouTube Channel.

Let us know your needs and we’ll be happy to find you a solution. Get in touch with us!


Octoparse Customer Support Team

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