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How to Create an Aggregator Website (No-code Tools and Examples)

Monday, August 30, 2021

This article gives an overall introduction to aggregator websites - what it is, how it makes money, how to gather web data to build one, and the top aggregator website examples existing on the Internet. If you are building your website or looking for ideas to start a side hustle, stay with me. You may find new ideas spring to your mind.




What’s An Aggregator Website

Building a website might be an intimidating job for a newbie. If this is what you are worried about, well it shall not now. 


No-code tools have made many things understandable and easy to act on. Stay with me and you will find that building an aggregator website is easier than you expect.


However, what’s an aggregator website and why bother to make one?


An aggregator website brings relevant data from different sources to one place. It serves as a hub where the audience can get up-to-date information and compare without traveling across a load of pages.


If you build it well, it could be a great stepping stone for a startup business.


Aggregators like Indeed and Skyscanner are big names. That doesn’t mean small sites are ruled out. Many niche sites are doing fairly well. We will discuss types of aggregator websites and promising niches later.



Build An Aggregator Website for Real Needs

You may wanna ask how much money we can make from this. Or else, what pushes one to build such a website from scratch?


Yep, that’s essential and we’ll see how to monetize later. First thing first, you must have a reason to start a business.


One of the Octoparse users has told me a great story. He is a full-time worker in pharmaceuticals and a board game lover as well. Fellow players in the community moaned about the lack of a platform to compare local board games’ prices and he decided to build one from scratch. 


Yea, he knows nothing about coding. And he did it. 


He built a local price comparison website for board game players in Australia. That’s where he started his journey with Octoparse. And over 3 years, he gained great experiences both in web scraping and website maintenance and made money through an affiliation partnership with Amazon.


Opportunities come from people’s needs in real life. 


If you spot any gap in needs and people are desperate for a solution, congrats! This could be a starting point for your business. If nothing comes to your mind now, you may get inspired by the Best Examples.


Once you got your website idea and figure out where to get your data, you need an efficient way to extract data and upload it to your website.


Gather Data for your Website with a No-code Tool

Data collection is an essential part of an aggregator website. Rich, clean data that updates regularly guarantee the usability of your site.


How to gather web data easily without coding?


That’s where Octoparse comes to help. Put it simply, it is a web scraping software that helps you build a data scraper within clicks. You tell the bot what data you want, and it runs for you.



  • Easy-to-use: get web data without coding; our tech support has you covered    
  • Scalable: scrape large data from hundreds of websites
  • Organized: data can be cleaned and organized into spreadsheets; API service is available for building your data pipeline



  • Learning curve required


Octoparse is a no-code tool. It can handle many complicated situations such as anti-scraping, log-in wall, AJAX, infinite scrolls, etc and these features are integrated into an intuitive UI. 


Hence, it still requires a learning curve for a new beginner to get familiar with the software. A programmer can pick it up in a few days. A non-coder can take 1-2 weeks or so. The good news is you got Youtube videos, tutorials to utilize, and support to resort to.


how to scrape data from google search

 Octoparse Community: How to Scrape Data from Google Search


Wanna see how easy data extraction can be using Octoparse? You are welcomed to download the tool and play around. We also offer a 14-day trial for cloud scraping service.


More Tools to Build A Website from Scratch 

Website Builder

Web Hosting Provider


Now you have figured out how to build a data pipeline, the next question is, how to make money with the data/the aggregator website? 


How Do Aggregator Websites Make Money

What’s the aggregator business model?


The essence of the website is to act as a two-sided market - “where buyers and sellers interact through an intermediary to fulfill each other’s needs” (explained by Tanya in Two-sided Marketplace)


Based on the values you offer to the two sides, you may monetize through ways below:


Affiliate Partnership

When you gain a group of audience, brands may come to you for affiliation partnership and in return, offer you commission for each deal made through your website.


The profits depend on what product or services you are promoting. Take Octoparse, a Saas web scraping tool, as an example, you can make $10 - $300 for each new deal. The number would be smaller for commodities, while it is easier to converse audience to the buyer.



Instead of waiting passively, you can join affiliate networks to find more lucrative partnerships. Affiliate networks give merchants access to a group of affiliates. Vice versa, they also offer opportunities for affiliates to reach more brands.


There is more to dig into affiliate marketing.


Featured Content Service

Google Ad on the search results page is a vivid example.  


Featured content service works just like Google ads. It gives better exposure to the goods or services by an eye-catching design or a better ranking, etc.


Since you are the website owner, you are the people in charge of how to showcase the products. Offering special tags or layouts can help differentiate the product from others and draw more attention.


Well, I am not sure if the Best-seller Tag of Amazon is a paid service - I believe not. While it is an example.


Display Advertisement

If you know anything about Google Adsense, you may know how a website owner can make money by placing advertisements on his/her website. As you set aside the space for display, Google Adsense will match the ads that are targeted to your audience and this saves your efforts of searching for the right advertisers.


As your audience grows, a business that shares the same group of the audience will reach you. And the page “Advertise with us” will find its place on your website.


Subscription Membership

This is rather obvious. If you are gathering valuable information and presenting it to them in the best way that conveniences your audience, they would love to pay. Sometimes rummaging through the Internet for a piece of helpful information is tiring.


Of course, you can set a standard to differentiate what services or information you are giving to your sponsors, and what is offered free to the public.



The client I mentioned above, who built a board game price comparison website, won over a large audience from a public FB group. What’s more, he built his own FB page and community as well.


That is because he was scraping prices from numerous board game stores with Octoparse and he knew which product was on sale and he shared the best deal of the day on his FB page and community. 


That’s how he offers value to his audience. This is only one small piece I could share. Extend your influence beyond the website to more social media platforms, more paths will be paved for the monetization process.



Aggregator Websites Best Examples

You may wonder what kind of aggregator website you shall build. Let’s look at some typical types of aggregator websites.


Coupon/deal Aggregation

Groupon: The website curates time-limited coupons for online and offline purchases, covering a wide range of products and services.

LivingSocial: Livingsocial focuses on deals in the Beauty and Food sector.

OverStock: This is an aggregator website that gathers deeply discounted furniture and houseware. 


Price Comparison Website

CheapShark: CheapShark helps gamers find the best price for digital games.

Kelkoo: Kelkoo cooperates with big-name brands to bring the best-price deal.

BoardGameOracle: This website compares board game prices of local stores. 


News Aggregation

Dealogic: Dealogic is also an Octoparse user. (Read the story) The company built a financial news & deals aggregator platform to offer investors up-to-date news in finance.


> More News Aggregators Examples by WPBeginner.


Travel Aggregation

Booking.com: The aggregator website gathers prices and offerings on hotels.

Tripadvisor: The website started from a fares aggregator and now is becoming a one-stop shop for everything you need for travel.  


Jobs Aggregator

The concept of a job aggregator is self-evident to us. There are job board giants familiar to us, like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn


When I researched this topic, I came across an article - how job aggregators are sabotaging online recruiting. And I realize that an aggregator is not welcomed by all. 


It makes sense when the owner is not operating it in a moral way. While the wrong is not about being an aggregator website, but how you serve the two sides. In this case, a job aggregator shall help connect recruiters and the candidates, in the meantime, protect the privacy of both from misuse.


Potential Niche - Remote Jobs

Undeniably, working from home has been an irreversible trend. The covid pandemic in 2020 could be a strong impetus. And how industries and employees benefit from this flexibility offer real values to the business world. 



“Two years ago remote would not have made the top 50 list, so it’s an enormous change. This is really the biggest shift in how we work since the invention of the automobile.”

——Ladders CEO Marc Cenedella



The momentum for remote jobs will last if not grow further and a good niche shall have much room to dig into.



When I talked to the client, the pharmacist who has built a price comparison website for his community, I was touched by his perseverance in this process of creation. 


And I felt empowered when I knew a non-coder can build such a great website from scratch with Octoparse. He is satisfied with the support and content with the experience. 


If you wanna build an aggregator website and need quality data feeds, Octoparse has you covered.


Author: Cici

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