Keep Your eBay Listing Competitive with Web Scraping

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Starting up one’s business as an electronic merchant is many people’s choices, because E- Commerce has the features of convenience, simple trading methods, low initial investment, and so on. Trading on E-commerce platform, for dealers, their products’ exposure rate should be their main concerns. To gain more exposure rate, simply improving ones product rankings under a specific category, which requires one’s product qualification, customer satisfaction, product’s sale, and online listings building, and so on. Though this article’s content cannot boost your e Bay rankings straight up, it should be able to help you keep listing competitive with your rivals.

Product rankings not only depend on product sale, customer satisfaction, but also listings. A listing must be matched with its product can be accepted by e Bay administrators, anything that involves fraud, exaggeration, pictures unmatched with the description and so on, punishment may arrive, on the contrary, a good listing that makes decent contents and updates will be awarded.

When one is new to this E-commerce industry or new to e Bay, it is hard for him/her to master the rules, at this moment, referring others’ contents is the best way to create ones listings. However, there are thousand pages of products listed on e Bay, even under a same category, how can we get the right reference? Don’t worry, technology is on our side, here is a tool, Octoparse, a great web scraping tool that allows everyone to scrape most existing websites, in another word, no coding knowledge is needed. By using Octoparse, we can scrape tons of information for reference.


Octoparse processing


(Octoparse processing)


Here is what I’ve got:


From this structured data, we can have a clear view on detailed information. We can learn from the list that column 1-3 are for seller to put some significant highlights of their product or themselves. And in the previous picture, I’ve also extracted the “details” column, we can learn what we should fill in those blanks from that column. This kind of method won’t build us a perfect listing, but it can help us building a listing that can’t be wrong.

One more important thing about listing is updating. In such a intensely competitive market, every slight move may make a difference. Octoparse provides a feature of schedule extraction, which allows users to monitor competitor listings and to update ones own listings. The data would be automatically extracted in preset dates, all you need to do is to check your database to see if there were any changes of your competitors, and according to the results to adjust your own listings. 

data 2


Now is the era of technology, human effort begins to get replaced by automation. Try to find out more technical tools, works will get easier and easier.

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