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How to download images from a list of URLs?

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Download images one by one could be tedious. Forget about using the old technique of "right click and save image." There is a smart way to do such a boring job for you. Octoparse can automate the process in a few seconds. You can enjoy download images for free from Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, Pinterest and more. Here are two easy steps which set your hands free. 


Steps 1. Scrape images URLs from websites using Octoparse, and export extracted data into Excel. If you don't know how to use Octoparse to scrape images URLs from websites. You can check the tutorial Scrape Image URLs from a Website



Step 2. Choose a downloader and import extracted lists of image URLs to the downloader.


Tab Save

Type: Chrome Extension


Note Paste in the URLs, and it will download the images one by one. You can manage the process in Chrome Downloads.



Free Download Manager

Type: Desktop software (support for both Windows and Mac OS)


Note: It supports pasting in URLs from your clipboard to create batch downloads. Fast and efficient, especially efficient for bulk downloads.


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