What A Contact Extractor Can Help You

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Note: Due to the web scraping restrictions, LinkedIn scraping is a bit complex and if you want to get web data from the site, you may need data services. Besides, we offer other social media scraping as well. Any problems, please feel free to contact us at octoparse@support.com.


What should you do if your manager asks you to get a huge customers contact list within several hours? It seems like a mission impossible. Copy and paste each phone number or email to a file?

Nope! A contact extractor will help you bulk collect contact information within a couple of minutes. Contact tools are capable of extracting email addresses, phone numbers from web pages.

Octoparse is an easy-to-use but very powerful emails, links, URLs, web data extractor tool. It’s very useful for creating your customer contact list.

For example, many people asked “Is there any way to scrape data from public profiles on LinkedIn ?” You may want to pull some contact information from LinkedIn, like people who followed your company, members information of a group. I’m going to show you how to extract information from LinkedIn.


If you signed in your LinkedIn account before, open the page in the built in browser directly.

Click the search bar, ➜ and select “enter text value”.

Type in the keywords you want to search.➜ Then click “Save”.

Click the search button, ➜ and select “Click an item”.

I just take one page for example.

Click the first profile image. ➜ Select “Create a list of items”.

“Add current item to the list”.➜“Continue to edit the list”.

Click the second profile image.➜ “Add current item to the list”.

Then “finish creating list”.➜ Click “Loop to process the list.”

Next, set “Ajax time out”. ➜ Choose “load page with Ajax”.

( I choose 5 seconds. You can choose a longer time than this)

Then click “Save”. ➜ Then start extracting data.

Click on information you want to grab. ➜ Then select “Extract text”.

Once done configuring extraction rule, click “Next” and run the task on your computer by selecting “Local extraction”.

Now you can see the information I click on has been extracted.

Websites change every day every minute. So there’s a possibility that you can’t scrape website you crawled before.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us through support @octoparse.com.

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