How SEO Data Scraping Can Help eCommerce Businesses?

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When it comes to your eCommerce business, it’s integral that you are making the right choices with your SEO strategies and general marketing policies. To this end, there are numerous opportunities you might want to pursue – and one such solution that could provide a boost for your business is data scraping.

But what is data scraping, and how can you use data scraping to boost your business? We’ll consider these points today to help you optimize your business activities and get the most from your data scraping activities!

What Is Data Scraping?

To begin with, it’s crucial we start by summarizing what data scraping is. Indeed, data scraping is a rapidly growing technique that is being used by a huge number of different firms to boost their own SEO and digital marketing efforts while also reducing the costs associated with market research and the like.

With data scraping, your eCommerce business uses a dedicated tool that rapidly collects data from your competitors online, and this data can be used to promote numerous aspects of your business’s marketing efforts. Indeed, while standard SEO alone may provide some boosts and benefits for your brand’s marketing, by implementing data scraping tactics you’ll be able to find out more about what your competitors are doing and offering. Then, you can use this information to improve your own business efforts and marketing strategies.

Data scraping is carried out using specialist tools such as SERP API, which almost instantaneously browse the internet for relevant keywords, data, and the like. Then, the harvested data is provided in a single document usually, that your eCommerce business can then analyze to determine the best approaches for product promotions, marketing, and the like.

Applications Of Data Scraping

As we’ve already clarified, data scraping activities serve to scour the internet for relevant information and data solutions, helping your brand to improve its own marketing strategies and the like. Indeed, data scraping applications are numerous, and to this end, it is crucial that you consider the following points to see if data scraping could be a valuable opportunity for your own eCommerce brand to invest in.

It’s also worth considering that certain tools come with a free version. While the free version of such tools is far more limited in its power and scale compared to the paid plans, this can still represent a great opportunity for your eCommerce business even if you don’t think that your brand can afford the investment of a monthly data scraping subscription.

Considering Competitors’ Prices

One of the most common applications for businesses to use data scraping tools and technologies is for comparing competitors’ prices. Indeed, it would take hours to go through every single competitor’s website in your niche to find out who is charging what for their products. If you are operating in an already popular niche, to begin with – for example, clothing – then this can be even more challenging, if not practically impossible.

However, data scraping offers a solution to this. By searching for a specific product, data scraping tools may be able to help your business rapidly compile the range of prices being charged for that product. In turn, this can help your eCommerce business establish a fair and competitive price or promotion for your own products.

Stock Levels

Another common metric that your business could track using data scraping technology is stock levels. Indeed, if a particular product is running low on stock from rival eCommerce stores, now could be the ideal time to ramp up your own SEO and digital marketing efforts if you still have these products in stock. What’s more, keeping an eye on stock levels can be a useful aspect for business management and selecting new product types, as this may be able to give you an insight into how many of a particular product your competitors are selling.

As part of stock levels, you may also wish to consider regional availability if your eCommerce store also has a physical location. Or, if it doesn’t, you could tailor your digital marketing efforts to focus on regions where stock is lower.

Customer Opinions 

As a final point, data scraping tools can also be highly effective ways to keep track of your customer’s opinions of your brand – be that on review sites or on social media. Knowing what your customers liked and disliked about your brand (without spending a long time searching social media and the like for this information) can help your business improve its services and products, thereby promoting superior business success and reducing the risk of poor word-of-mouth.

After all, word of mouth is a massive form of promotion for your business. However, if your business has a poor reputation, this can have significant negative consequences for the overall success and profitability of your firm!

How You Can Use Data Scraping for SEO Purposes?

At this point, you’re probably wondering – how can all of the above applications be related to SEO? Well, there are actually multiple ways that your business can use the data gathered through data scraping to boost its eCommerce SEO. This, in turn, can help your business grow and sell its products or services to a wider market, giving you greater success with your eCommerce brand as a result.

As a single example, let’s consider the first example above pricing. By isolating the average prices from most of your competitor eCommerce stores, you will be able to tailor your strategy to target a lower or competitive price, thereby helping to attract people looking to find a great deal on your products.

Final Thoughts

It’s pretty clear to see that SEO data scraping is a field that’s full of opportunities, helping your business to make the most of its current strategies while also offering opportunities to develop new approaches. Indeed, SEO data scraping is becoming increasingly popular and could represent a great opportunity for your firm to develop its own marketing strategies as well.

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