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Two Fastest Ways for Startups to Build Your Email Database

Monday, December 20, 2021

Before you start email marketing, you need a huge email list for that. Email Marketing is all about growing your email list. Plus email addresses are extremely valuable. The more addresses you get, and the better their quality they are, the more successful you will be as an online marketer. I know it sounds crazy to collect 100,000 emails in 1 day. But it’s possible. Here are two fastest ways for startups to grow your email list.


1. Google Search String

These are the strings that some one shares on Black Hat World.

Put the search string: inurl: edu intext:gmail.com filetype:txt 2016

in Google and it will bring you tons of email addresses that you can send offers to. The thing is that those emails won’t be very accurate for lead generation.

Here are some more search strings for you.






















2. Collect Email with Third-Party Scrapers

There are many email scrapers that can help you harvest email addresses from web page. Here I’m going to show you how to collect emails with a email scraper. (Since most websites keep emails private and secure, I’m going to take telephone numbers instead. Just to show you how the scraper works. )


Step 1: Design scraping workflow.

Step 2: Scrape data you want.

Step 3: Get the result.

Pretty easy, right? Now you've known how to build your email database with these two fastest and free means. Try them now!


3. A Third-Party Service Provider - Email Finder

As a startup, one of the challenges you will face is increasing awareness for your brand. Since people and the whole industry don't know you yet, you need to find ways to make them know that you exist in a cost-effective way.

An easy way to do that is to research a list of businesses that would like to make connections with and find their email addresses. This can be done with the use of email finders (like, for example, Hunter) that can do email lookup in seconds.



You can segment your list according to niche and craft an email template that will suit each business segment.


Don't forget to gauge the effectiveness of the emails you sent. Hunter.io offers an email tracker to see how your campaign is doing. See if your emails are being read and if your links are being clicked. You can adjust your emails according to the results you see and filter out recipients that never opened their emails and replace them with better ones.



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