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Export The Extracted Data into Databases Or Excel Sheets Or Other Database Formats

Thursday, December 23, 2021


If there’s a tool that allows you to scrape any data from any websites, and save the data extracted to your database or other database formats, would you like to try it?

Now we create Octoparse, an easy but powerful free web scraper for you. You can use Octoparse to export the data extracted into any database format.

For example, we scrape every title and URL of the articles in the blog.

Select “Export to Excel” and we can save the complete extracted results in your Excel file.


You can also connect your MySQL, SQLSERVER, Oracle or other databases with Octoparse in database connection configuration.

By selecting a table you want to insert the data into, all the data will be mapped into your database tables. And before this, make sure you have permission to your database.


Happy data hunting! 


Author: The Octoparse Team



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