Top 8 No Code Development Tools in 2024

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Have you ever met such a problem?

  • “I came up with a new service, and I want to automate it, but the engineers at the company don’t have time …”
  • “When collecting information on the Web, it is inefficient to do it manually, so I want a dedicated tool …”

To be honest, learning programming is complicated. The design and development of many web pages and applications relied on developers who had to work day and night to get their code to work. Building complex applications require huge costs, multiple developers, and substantial time and effort.

Since last year, startups that have developed no-code tools have grown rapidly. Giant tech (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.) companies have also entered the no-coding era one after another. Therefore, NoCode is the future of the Internet.

1. What is No Code?

Simply put, no code means that you can use a GUI (Graphic User Interface) to move your app to the development and automation process without having to study programming and write code.

However, “no-code” does not really mean “no-code.” It is a tool that developers pack all the code into functional packages, and then the users can achieve their goal by just dragging and dropping via GUI. 

It provides a more direct experience for users and businesses that use the tool. All you need to develop is to click, scroll, or drag and drop. “Development” has become more familiar to the masses, and a new era of technology is upon us.

2. What can you do with no-code tools?

There is no limit to what you can make with no-code tools. From developing a website to building an app, the possibilities are endless. You can automate your work, automatically collect information on the Web, organize your data, and solve it with no-code tools.

Have you ever created a survey online? That is also no code. No code is not specific to a particular area, and there are many different types of tools. Below is a list of recommended no-code tools.

3. No code tool for building websites

3.1. Webflow

Webflow is a website construction platform that allows you to design and launch responsive websites. You may have experience with other website builders, but Webflow feels very easy to use. It enables you to build a simple website with click-and-scroll.

Furthermore, it is also excellent in customizability. You can start from scratch and build a fully responsive (optimal screen display on your smartphone, tablet, or PC) website as you like, or use templates if you want to get things done quickly. 

-Price list-

* For individual plans, you can get started for free.

For corporate plans:

Lite: $ 16 / month

Pro: $ 35 / month

3.2. Carrd

It is a website-building tool that is faster and easier than Webflow.

Carrd is the perfect no-code tool for building simple websites. Carrd is as powerful as any other tool, but be aware that it’s in a different direction.

The primary purpose of Carrd is to build a one-page website, and you can build from scratch or use templates. Due to its simplicity and low price, I put it on the recommended list.

-Price list-

* You can start with a free plan. (Up to 3 websites)

Pro: $ 19 / year

4. No code tool for developing web apps

4.1. Bubble

If you need to build a web application, Bubble is for you.

Bubble allows you to prototype your entire app, build it in hours, launch it, and grow your business efficiently. It also has internal tools to achieve functionality and ease of use at the same time.

However, I fell in love with this product because I could create a web application just by clicking and arranging UI components. I didn’t think web apps would be this easy.

-Price list-

Hobby: Free

Personal: $ 25 / month (annual payment) or $ 29 / month (monthly payment)

Professional: $ 115 / month (annual payment) or $ 129 / month (monthly payment)

Production: $ 475 / month (annual payment) or $ 529 / Month (monthly payment)

4.2. Glide

The most distinctive feature of Glide is that you can create apps at high speed.

Glide is a no-code tool that allows you to create web applications using Google spreadsheets as a “database”. Templates are prepared from the beginning for the design of the application, you can use the template or customize the design according to your wishes.

-Price list-

Pro App: $ 19 / month (annual payment) or $ 29 / month (monthly payment)

Business App: $ 99 / month

5. No code tool that can automate and streamline operations

5.1. Octoparse

Simply put, Octoparse is an intuitive web scraping tool.

Web scraping is a method that collects and extracts data from websites, and “web crawling” and “web spider” have the same meaning.

Manually compiling information on the web can be very time-consuming. When you want to achieve web scraping at a great amount automatically, it usually requires coding. While no code web scraping tools enable people who do not know programming to collect and extract data from the Web with few clicks.

Not only that, Octoparse has a variety of features:

-Equipped with an auto-detection function

With just a click, the bot will automatically generate a workflow and start scraping.

-Compatible with various sites

Octoparse supports static websites and dynamic websites that use AJAX or JavaScript technology.

-A template that provides a convenient

With Octoparse templates, you can get data just by entering the URL or keywords. Currently, there are over 70 popular website templates. You can get the data you want right away without the hassle of creating tasks. 

-Executable in the schedule

If you set a schedule, you can get the data automatically.

Octoparse is a powerful ally when you want to automatically extract data from multiple sites. If you want to collect information on the web, please give it a try.


-Price list-

free Plan: Free (scraping tool of the core function available except for cloud extraction)

Standard Plan: $ 75 / month (year payment) or $ 89 / month (monthly)

Professional Plan: $ 209 / Month (annual payment) or $ 249 / month (monthly payment)

* 14-day free trial available

5.2. UserGuiding

After developing a website or web app with Bubble, tutorials are very important.

UserGuiding is a tool that creates the best user-on-boarding experience for a user-guided and user-on-boarding product (an important process from the first login of a new user to the user’s quick notice).

UserGuiding works as a browser extension and works directly on your product.

In addition, you can segment your users to create a personalized experience and pass only the onboarding elements you need for your purposes. UserGuiding also allows you to track the performance of your content with detailed analysis tools.


-Price list –

Start-up: $ 199 / month

Growth: $ 399 / month

5.3. Zapier

Zapier is an iPaaS that can automate operations. 

Zapier builds an automation system by combining and linking more than 1500 types of web applications and tools. In the past, automation systems required engineers to develop individual programs.

It is a very convenient tool that anyone can access it on the browser.


-Price list-

* You can start with a free plan. (Up to 100 tasks)

Starter: $ 19.99 / month (750 tasks)

Professional: $ 49 / month (2000 tasks)

Team: $ 299 / month (50000 tasks)

Company: $ 599 / month (100000 tasks)

5.4. Voiceflow

Voice Assistant has come a long way since Siri debuted as a Voice Assistant in 2011. With Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant right next to Siri, it’s time for voice technology to become a no-code tool.

Would you like to be able to customize your voice assistant? Voiceflow does just that.

Voiceflow allows you to prototype on your browser or try it out on a real voice device with the ability to upload with one click. Voiceflow can also be used with Alexa and Google Assistant, and if you’re working in a team, there’s space in the tool just for that. Voiceflow is particularly good at the UI (user interface). With this tool, you can develop voice apps efficiently, enjoyably, and visually by drag and drop.

-Price list-

Starter: Free

Pro: $ 40 / month

Team: $ 140 / month

6. Summary

No code will change business, technology, and development. There are many tools that I couldn’t introduce in this article, but if you’re wondering which tool to choose, please try one!

The deeper penetration of no-code tools will speed up development, make ideas easier to embody, and accelerate business efficiency. Why not use a no-code tool now to keep up with the times?

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