Big Data Helps the Progress of Development of New Energy

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New energy, any energy source other than fossil energy. Especially green Energy, renewable energy, is a kind of energy collected from renewable resources, which can be naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat.

Since fossil resources are reducing rapidly, it is predicted by scientists claiming that it cannot last human-surviving longer than 100 years, so exploring new energy is very necessary for human beings.

New energy is emergent for humans, then how is big data going to work with it? In this article, I list some connections between new energy and big data.


Most of the predictions require data, even if you are an auger. For example, I extracted some data about China’s annual energy consumption via Octoparse, a data extraction tool. We can use this set of data to do a simple prediction- the growing trend of new energy. However, since there are only 10 sets of data, the prediction may not be accurate. In the below table, we can see from the data that the new energy consumption is increasing, and the gap between total energy consumption and total consumption of Coal is getting bigger, which means traditional energy, coal in this case, can no more fulfill the demand of energy consumption, so we can conclude that the demand for new energy is increasing. 

dara table

From the above table, we can do a simple prediction, imagine if we did the prediction with big data, I am sure that it can give a more accurate prediction.


As we shall all know a fact that any research needs data support. Especially developing a new matter requires massive data to support and prove one’s hypotheses.

How would big data help us develop new energy? First of all, doing chemical research, the most important thing is to guarantee researchers’ safety. Unknown chemical reactions have severe potential safety hazards and any mistake would cause indescribable loss. In this aspect, big data can provide you with the knowledge that has already been discovered, at least in a certain situation, you are kept away from harm. Secondly, big data helps you testify your research. Every hypothesis needs evidence to prove its validity, and data is one of the best tools to do so. Completing chemical research is a big deal, because you may undergo desperate failures, and take plenty of time for constantly repeating experiments, through which you can then get useful data to conclude your hypothesis.

As for some new energy enterprises, profit takes a big weight in shareholders’ decisions; therefore, shareholders may use big data to decide whether these new energies are worth researching. And because energy research may cost a lot, big data can provide more accurate information to reduce risks.


Exploring new energies is a necessity, and big data would give a big help in doing so. Prediction, research, and profit are not the only links between big data and new energies. More aspects need to be discovered and learned to master in a new scientific field. New energy, is a rising trend, and big data comes along with it.

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