The 1st Year at Octoparse: 300% Growth, A Product You Love And Support That Rocks

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Octoparse has gone live for over 600 days since it was first released on March 15th, 2016. We’ve had an awesome year working with all of our users. Before going into the details of the achievements we have made this year, I want to give a huge thanks to you all. Everyone’s feedback and contributions have been unbelievable and it’s phenomenal to hear the success stories coming from all of those using Octoparse.

Here at Octoparse we are going through a period of high growth in the past year and are looking forward to the many exciting updates we plan to roll out over the next 12 months! 

What we have done in the past 12 months

On March 15th, 2016, we had our first registered user. Soon after, we got our first paying user in April. Since the launch of Octoparse, the Octoparse team has been dedicated to improving user experience through continuous efforts,

  • We had sent out a Customer Survey created with all sorts of juicy questions. And the most important one of all, was the question “How could we improve Octoparse to better meet your needs?”.
  • After learning about users’ pain points, which in many cases have to do with not knowing how to use the product to acquire the data they want, the Octoparse team immediately switch our operation focus to content creation. In the past 600 days, we had managed to put together over 600 content pieces, including over 400 tutorials, case studies, and FAQs, other being introductory blogs to the web scraping industry. Each of our tutorials is well demonstrated with videos or gifs of step-by-step instructions. Our goal was to make sure users of any kind coming to our tool with all sorts of purposes will get specific instructions on how to use Octoparse to achieve their web scraping goals.
  • Apart from self-help materials, we’ve also had a friendly bunch of support offering complimentary task configuring assistance to all users and solving all other problems We handle 57 task configuration requests on average every single day. Till now, we had helped over 4000 users with their tasks. The one user that we worked with the most had over 100 tasks reviewed and fixed by our support team.
  • In efforts to provide faster data extraction, we increased the number of cloud servers from 6 to 14 for our paying users, without any extra charge.
  • We also launched a new version of the website in August 2017, featuring a top-down mega menu and a new classification of tutorials making the whole navigation experience a lot easier.

All of these have made our users feel better and better about our product. And we received many compliments from them too.

octoparse review

We are really grateful and we are going to work harder to make Octoparse a better product. 

Our fastest growth month-on-month this year was 30%. We aim to grow 20% month-on-month but we definitely expect the growth to speed up as more people get to know about Octoparse.

Our voices are heard and our words are found on many different platforms this year as part of our content marketing strategy. Many users have gotten to know about Octoparse from various communities, such as Medium, Quora, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube before even starting the first search for a “web scraping tool”. Experimenting with all kinds of content inside the realm of SEO and working with some guest writers, all is going well. However, we have to admit that we could make our blog a lot better and we welcome cooperation with all of you.

The Year Ahead

2017 has been an exciting year. To show our appreciation, we are having a BIG GIVEBACK EVENT this Thanksgiving holiday.

Now that we’ve built the product that has the features you want; it’s time to smooth out all of the remaining jitters and bugs for we want to make Octoparse a truly great and useful product.

We would love to hear the thoughts from all of you about what we could have done better or what made you work with Octoparse happily. And we want more people to co-operate with us; If you are interested, contact us at any time.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has been a part of the Octoparse journey so far! 

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