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Best Web Scraper for Mac: Scrape Data from Any Website with your Apple Device

Monday, September 14, 2020


When looking for a web scraping solution, Mac users may run into a situation where an excellent web scraper only supports Windows or Linux systems, but it cannot be installed on Mac OS. 


Table of Contents

Web scraping on mac for FREE

Where can you scrape from with a good Mac web scraper

How to scrape target web pages on your apple device

Closing thoughts


Web scraping on mac for FREE


This would no longer be a problem as Octoparse launched its industry-leading web scraping software for mac. With its fast extraction speed, robust compatibility,  smooth workflow and refreshing design, it stands out as a perfect and free web scraping solution on apple devices. 


>Click here to learn about Octoparse 8 Mac version  


Where can you scrape from with a good Mac web scraper?


good Mac web scraper, needless to say, allows you to pull data from any website easily without coding on your side. Octoparse makes web scraping on Mac easier than ever. They provide hundreds of ready-to-use web scraping templates, which allows you to  


   1 Scrape e-commerce & retail platforms including Amazon, eBay, BestBuy, Walmart ...

   2 Scrape social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube ...

   3 Scrape directories like Yellowpages, Yelp, Crunchbase…

   4 Scrape online travel agency sites such as Booking, TripAdvisor, Airbnb…

   5 Scrape real estate listings from Kijiji, Gumtree… 


With these prebuilt crawlers, you can extract data from other big sites, such as Google Maps, Google Search, Google Play, Yahoo Finance and Indeed within clicks. 


How to scrape target web pages on your apple device


No matter where you want to scrape, here is a more flexible solution that would serve you well - the “Advanced Mode” in Octoparse. You can build a customized crawler from scratch under this mode.


It is very easy to create a crawler to pull data off any websites. There is zero learning curve even for a layman. Octoparse auto-detects all the data fields on the webpage, generates a crawler within minutes and extracts the data within seconds. Below is a screenshot of the data I got using the auto-detection feature:


Take Yelp as an example. Let’s say you are trying to scrape all the general information about Auto repair shops in Houston, TX. This is the website URL you’d like to extract: https://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=Auto+Repair&find_loc=Houston%2C+TX%2C+United+States&ns=1


Step 1: Input the target URL to start detecting the webpage


First, you need to install Octoparse on your Mac device. If you have experienced the Windows version before, you will notice the Mac version applies a similar design. 


Paste the URL above into Octoparse to let it auto-detect the page. As you scroll down the page inside the built-in browser, you will notice that the listing data, as well as the “Next page” button, are highlighted in red. This means that Octoparse is going to extract all the highlighted data on all pages. 




Step 2: Save the detection settings to build a crawler


The second step is very simple. Click “save settings” and Octoparse will build a scraping workflow on your left-hand side. You can easily preview all the data that is going to be extracted on the “data preview” section. 



Step 3: Run the crawler


Now you are just one step away from your data: save the crawler and run it. As you can see, within seconds, your target data is extracted from the webpage. When the extraction is completed, you can export the collected data into formats of your choice, including Excel sheets, CSV, HTML, SqlServer, MySql, etc. You can also stream live data into your database with Octoparse APIs.



Closing thoughts


This is a three-step demo of extracting data with Octoparse for mac users. If you are concerned about processing speed, as a Mac web scraper with rich features, Octoparse also provides a Cloud platform for you to run your scraping projects in the cloud 24/7 even with your laptop off.

If you are intested in quick and easy web scraping, check out the video to know more about how to scrape data from any website with Octoparse auto-detection algorithm


Author: Milly

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