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6 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Customer experience (or CX) is the new battlefield in today’s competitive business world. Just as Salesforce research shows, eighty percent of customers say that the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services, and 57% have stopped buying from a company because a competitor provided a better experience.

However, though many companies realize the critical importance of delivering great customer experience, chances are that there is still a wide gap between the customers’ satisfaction and companies’ expectation. Here I would like to list out 6 practical ways that might help your business deliver better customer experience.



1. Listening to your customers from Omni-Channel

Prior to providing customer service, listening to your customers from omnichannel is the first and foremost important thing to know what your customers want and care. Many companies only gather customer feedback through sales channels. If so, they are missing out important feedback and insights from their major users and influencers.

Social listening is a reliable means for companies to listen to and engage with larger customers in real time. Now with social media scraping tools, companies are able to automate the process of collecting customer feedback from webs with less effort and labor cost than ever before.


i.e. Octoparse embedded scraping templates for collecting information from social media.


2. Measuring your customer experience through the customer JOURNEY, instead of TOUCHPOINTS

When it comes to the measurement matrix of customer experience, many companies only focus on several touchpoints – the individual transactions through which customers interact with their service and offerings. If this is the same case with your company, you are missing the bigger and more important picture, which has been proved in Mckinsey’s research that performance on customer journeys is significantly better correlated with customer satisfaction and business outcomes, such as revenue, churn and repeat purchase, than performance on touchpoints.



Companies are facing a multi-touchpoint and multi-channel, hypercompetitive consumer market now, journey-centric measurement matrix enables companies looking at the customer’s experience in their own eyes along the entire end-to-end experience. Only in this way, can they understand how to make a meaningful improvement in delivering their customer service, to enhance customer satisfaction and retention.



3. Using EDM (Email Direct Marketing) to help your customers 

Email marketing has long been a powerful customer conversion and retention tactic for many companies. Stats show us that 59% of B2B marketers say email is their most effective channel in terms of revenue generation. However, email marketing is also the easiest abused and invidious tool. Only when you help your customers achieve their objectives and goals, can you achieve yours.

You may need to apply customer segmentation techniques to create the appropriate message for the specific groups of customers, and use personalization techniques to ensure the recipient is addressed as an individual. HubSpot has collected 19 best email marketing campaign examples from different companies for your reference. 


4. Building up comprehensive self-service resources for your clients

Simply put, any tool or information that could help a client or user solve an issue on his/her own is considered a self-service tool. Generally speaking, self-service resources include:

Online knowledge base;

FAQ (frequently asked questions section);

Tutorials and guides (text, infographic, or video);

Online community forums;

Automated chatbots;

In most cases, customers prefer to address their problems on their own right away, rather than waste time waiting on hold. If the self-service options are not ready to use, you probably should invest time and money into developing comprehensive and yet easily accessible self-service options for your clients.


5. Paying attention to your customers’ emotion/sentiment

With the aid of a continuously improved algorithm, sentiment analysis tools help you understand the sentimental degree of your customer’s conversation on a large scale consistently and accurately. Effective sentiment analysis enables you to monitor the social media data to determine the positive and negative feedback from your clients over your offerings and service in real time. Therefore, you could adjust your social media messaging and optimize online marketing campaigns accordingly, more importantly, prevent or diminish the damage of social media crisis. There are already many mature sentiment analysis tools in the market, focusing on different industries and applications.


6. Using automatic tools to facilitate your customer experience management

Thanks to the development of information technology, automation is an inevitable trend in today’s digital word. You can no longer address all the things manually in such a rapid-changing business world, while automated software plays a significant role now,  allowing you to achieve the same results with less labor in a shorter time, in other words, effectively.

Apart from the software for the five means listed above, there are also some software out there as an integrative solution for customer experience management. Customer experience management (CEM) software integrate customer listening and analyzing customer feedback data to provide a single, complete view of the customer, leading to increased revenue and happier customers.

           [Customer experience software | Capterra]





Mckinsey’s analytics finds out that effective customer experience improvement could help achieve revenue gains of 5 to 10 percent, and reduce costs by 15 to 25 percent within two or three years. There is no perfect customer experience, only better customer experience. Act now, it is now or never.


Author: Surie M.(Octoparse Team)



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