How to Unlock the Secrets of Customer Behavior with Web Scraping

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If you’re a business owner or marketer, you must have known how important consumer insights are. They offer useful data on your target market, which may aid in your decision-making regarding your goods, services, and marketing tactics. However, compiling this information can be a difficult process. The good news is that gathering the information you need to create consumer insights is now simpler than ever thanks to web scraping technologies.

In this piece, we’ll discuss what customer insights are and how web scraping can help you get the information you need to create them. We will also offer a detailed tutorial on how to create consumer insights using the well-known web scraping application Octoparse.

Let’s first take a deeper look at what customer insights are and why they are crucial before we get into how to utilize web scraping technologies to produce customer insights.

What are Customer Insights

Customer insights are an in-depth knowledge of the behavior, preferences, and demands of consumers. They assist companies in making defensible choices regarding their marketing plans, goods, and services. Numerous methods, including surveys, social media research, website data analyses, and more, may be used to collect this data. Businesses may decide wisely about their goods, services, and marketing tactics by examining this data.

Why are Customer Insights Important for Businesses

For firms, customer insights are essential because they improve their understanding of their clients. This information may assist companies in customizing their goods and services to better suit the wants and needs of their clients, which can enhance revenue and client retention.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

73% of consumers cite client experience as a crucial consideration in their purchase decisions, according to a PWC survey. Businesses may build tailored experiences that resonate with customers and boost customer satisfaction and loyalty by analyzing customer behavior and preferences. In fact, a 5% improvement in client retention can result in a 25% to 95% increase in profitability, according to HubSpot.

Better Product and Service Development

Business owners may use customer insights to pinpoint areas where their goods or services need to be improved. Businesses may better understand what their consumers like and dislike about their goods by examining customer feedback, and they can then utilize this knowledge to make adjustments. Sales and income may rise as a result, and client satisfaction may rise as well.

More Effective Marketing Strategies

Businesses may create more persuasive marketing tactics that appeal to their target demographic by analyzing consumer behavior and preferences. Businesses may determine the channels and messaging that are most successful in reaching their target demographic, for example, by evaluating customer data. Higher conversion rates and more income may follow from this. Moreover, HubSpot discovered that personalized calls-to-action (CTAs) outperformed generic CTAs by 202%. Businesses may greatly improve the success of their marketing initiatives by personalizing their CTAs using consumer information.

Web Scraping and Customer Insights

Now that we’ve established the significance of consumer insights, let’s look at how web scraping may assist organizations in gathering the data they need to develop insights.

Web scraping is the automated extraction of data from websites. This information may be utilized to produce insights into customer behavior, market trends, and other topics. Businesses can quickly and simply obtain the data they need to build consumer insights with web scraping solutions like Octoparse.

Organizations may use web scraping to acquire data for consumer insights in a variety of methods. Businesses, for example, can scrape data from social media sites to gauge client sentiment about their products or services. They can also obtain information about competitors’ items, pricing, and marketing methods by scraping data from their websites.

One noteworthy instance of online scraping is how Walmart employed web scraping to enhance its pricing strategy. Walmart collected price information from the websites of its rivals using web scraping technologies. So, Walmart was able to expand sales and maintain a lead over its rivals by using the data it collected to analyze pricing trends and make competitive price adjustments.

How to Use Web Scraping for Customer Insights

You can still use online scraping technologies to gather insightful consumer data even if you’re not experienced with programming or web scraping. Octoparse is an easy-to-use web scraping tool that doesn’t require any coding knowledge.

Get started by downloading Octoparse, installing it on your device, and creating a free account to access many web scraping features

Step 1: Create a new task

Copy and paste the target URL into the search bar on Octoparse, then click on “Start” to create a new web scraping task. The built-in browser of Octoparse will navigate to the website you want to scrape.

octoparse 8.6.2

Step 2: Select the data you want to extract

Click “Auto-detect webpage data” in the Tips panel once the page has loaded. After scanning the entire page, Octoparse will “guess” the data you need and give a list of extractable data. You will be able to quickly evaluate the data fields because each one will be highlighted. Alternatively, you can view the data’s preview at the bottom of the display.

Step 3: Refine the extraction rules

Remove unwanted data fields in the Data Preview, and keep the data fields you want to collect. Then click “Create workflow”, and a diagram of the workflow will appear on the right-hand side. This diagram shows how the scraper will navigate through the website to collect the desired data. You can review and test each step of the workflow by clicking on each step in the diagram.

Step 4: Run the web scraping task

Before beginning the assignment, you can double-check all the information. For instance, if the procedure works well or whether the right data fields were selected. Make sure everything is on the right track, then press “Run” to start the scraper.

At this stage, you must decide whether to perform the job on your PC or on cloud servers. Running on your device is better suited for short runs or small projects, however processing large projects via the cloud is preferred. You can export the scraped data as an Excel, CSV, or JSON file when the extraction is finished.

After you have scraped the data, you can analyze it to gain insights into your customers’ behavior and preferences. You can use data visualization tools to create charts and graphs that help you better understand the data.


For companies wanting to acquire a competitive edge, web scraping is a priceless tool. Businesses may extract data from almost any website and utilize that data to obtain insights into client behavior and preferences with the use of user-friendly tools like Octoparse. Utilizing this information, companies may modify their marketing plans and product lineups to better serve their target market.

Why then wait? Start scraping right away to learn more about your consumers than ever before.

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