4 Ways Recommended to Improve Your Product Ranking on Amazon

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Before we get started, we should know three essential factors which can improve product ranking.

1. Conversion rate – Factors that Amazon has found to have an effect on conversion rates including reviews, image quality, and prices. It’s vital for sellers to keep their prices competitive to maintain a good conversion rate.

2. Relevancy – Factors that tell A9(Amazon’s product search Algorithm) when to consider your product page for a search result. To rank higher, your product needs to be relevant.

3. Customer satisfaction and retention – Factors that aid customer retention include seller feedback and order defect rate (ODR). Make customers happy and they’ll keep coming back. The more positive seller feedback and good reviews you get, the more likely it is that you’ll win the sale.

To improve your product ranking, keep the above 3 factors in good maintenance. I have concluded 4 ways that can help you get your job done.

1. Boost your sales velocity with AMZ tracker

In this part, I would like to introduce an amazing tool for Amazon dealers, most of them should be familiar with this tool, just in case we got some newbie readers. The AMZ tracker is designed especially for Amazon. One of the most powerful benefits of AMZTracker is access to the Vipon deals community. Vipon gets tens of thousands of shoppers visiting every single day. When you put your product up on Vipon, you get a flood of new buyers, which can boost your sales velocity.

Products with a high sales velocity tend to have a higher best seller ranking (BSR) even when the promotion ends. Not just Vipon, some other social media may also work, for example, you can go find some Amazon groups on Facebook, there are lots people who are interested in free products, you can hand out promotional code in exchange for nice reviews. (This is one clever move which can hit two birds with one stone, both high sales velocity and reviews)

2.  Obtain words that are relevant to your products

In E-commerce, boundaries across nations no longer exist, and many Amazon dealers sell products abroad or even sell in countries they are not familiar with at all. Hence, we need to study the specific words that local people might type in to search for certain products. One way to do so is to learn from potential competitors’ listings, here is one tool I would like to introduce to you, Octoparse, a web scraping tool that is easy to use, no coding knowledge is required to use this tool, it can help you extract others’ titles without costing much of your time. Below is an example of how I extracted the product titles from Amazon.es, so we can export them to Excel. When this data is in structured data, we can manage it in a way we want via Excel, and conclude the keywords most frequently used in titles. With these keywords in hand, your way to boost your sales would be one step ahead of your competitors.

3. Optimize your Listing!

AMZ tracker and Octoparse can both help with optimizing listings. The AMZ tracker provides a feature of On Page Analyzer, which can show you exactly what you can do to improve your product listings to rank higher in the Amazon Search Engine. Also, Octoparse can help you to find the proper content that you should fill in these slots. The best way to muscle yourself is to learn from the strongest, hence we are going to use the best seller’s listings for reference, their listing might not be the best in the market, but it must be the right ones. Furthermore, we should scrape down more fair listings to get some understanding on our own, from which we can learn more about Amazon’s Algorithm.

4. Create follow-up email templates via Bqool

Customer satisfaction and retention are also an important part of improving your product ranking. To maintain the relationship between customers and you, you need to bring them a feeling that they are being cared for, so sending follow-up emails would be a good choice. Automated emails should not be too frequent, otherwise, customers may feel bothered. Play a role-switch game and think you are a customer, and use that experience to set up your follow-up email timeline. There is one more benefit you should know about the follow-up e-mail, you can ask customers to give you a nice and warm review about your product if they are satisfied. Following this lead, you’ll be able to maintain good relationships with customers and gain reviews.

These are the 4 ways I recommend to improve your product ranking on Amazon, go ahead and put them into practice. Making use of Amazon seller tools can also do more with less, check the article Amazon Seller Tools of 2019 out and find out more tools!

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