Things You Need to Know When You’re About to Launch a New Product on Amazon

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Selling a product is easy, but selling a brand, must be 10 times harder. Because one brand, it’s not built by a particular product, brand impression is formed from a brand’s price, product’s quality, after-sales services, customer loyalty, and so on. Especially selling on electronic commerce platform, generally, Amazon, customer impression toward a brand is very crucial for the brand. So what’s the key factors of a brand’s impression?

As an online marketer, I’ve concluded some factors, they may not correct, but hope they can give you some inspirations.

1. Accessibility

To promote a new product, the product itself must be accessible, and for a product that sells on Amazon, it needs exposure, in another word, it can to be easily searched. Then, understanding the product’s keyword weight on Amazon’s Algorithm is very important. Mainly, these keywords are used on title, because title occupies a great weight on Amazon’s algorithm, and the ranking of keywords on your title may influence your product ranking under a specific search, so, you got to understand which keyword is most searched and most relevant to your product. Understanding keyword weighting is a long term procedure, it requires constantly learning and observing to get the accurate keywords needed. One way to get familiar with keywords is to learn from competing products that ranks top 1, though ranking is influenced by many other factors, following the best seller’s pace won’t be a wrong move to make.   

2. Product’s advantages and disadvantages

As a brand seller, who must understand clearly products’ advantages and disadvantages. Advantages are for sellers to create highlights to attract customers, and understanding disadvantages is for seller thinking of any undesired situation that might occur and prepare solutions in advance. Hence, knowing a product’s pros and cons does many benefits, it helps attracting customers, and having customer problems solved, which can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Customer desires

We also need to know customer desires toward a product. What customers expect from a product, is the type of things we need to figure out. If we do this job in a way of one on on survey, it would be too time-wasting and annoying. Actually, we can generate some information from customer’s complaints, which are usually expressed in comments or reviews. Complaints show how customers dislike a product, on the contrary, complaints reflect what customers desire from buying the product. So review mining can help Amazon dealer a lot on launching a new product, basically by scraping down competing products’ reviews, we can learn what customers complain most about this kind of product, and by these complaints, we can figure out ways to improve our own products. Furthermore, learning from reviews also help you understand product’s advantages and disadvantages.

All of above are time consuming work to do. Just the very first step- getting down the materials, may cost much of your time. Here’s a suggestion, using Octoparse – a free web scraping tool to do the dull and dry work for you, it can automatically extract data needed as you configured the task. Though it cannot help you analyze, it will help save much of your time and allow you putting time on things that are more important.

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