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[Octoparase User Review] By Tomasz Szczęsny – Standard Plan Use

I’ve been using Octoparse for about 6 months now. I must say that it has changed my attitude toward data collection. Sometimes I did those kind of activities manually which was very time consuming. So Octoparse saved me a lot of time.


At first learning of how to use it on pages was a little bit of hustle, but I managed it on my own. I don’t have any coding skills. If it wasn’t for Octoparse I wouldn’t do it.

To run my task in the cloud is very helpful. In this way I don’t have to have my computer running all night for example. Neither am I worried that something go wrong and all the data would be lost.

My whole life should run as smoothly as Octoparse runs: Excellent customer service, some kinks to work out on features, great turn around time on implementation of feature updates, some learning curve but otherwise intuitive and worth the investment.

Surely, a good service to collect data specially for business at small and medium scale. Free trial gives opportunity to try it out.

I’ve checked other apps for data scraping and data collection but I stayed with Octoparse because it was the only one that could read webpages that I wanted to visit.

There is a very good helpcenter to publish tutorials. They have helped me a lot.


I Can’t say much Bad things about you. You have been friendly and courteous during all interactions. System works as described.

There is one feature that could run a little bit better: Scraping form URLs. You can place there with limited list of URLs and sometimes it is not enough. For example, I had to scrape 20 000 of URLs and had to divide it into several pieces to make it work.

Also while programming the loop and places that are important to me, something is wrong with that. If I click on the name of the company on the list, and this name is also a link, your system will also click this link and suddenly I am on another page. I didn’t want to go there. So it would be better if it asked me what I really wanted to set this for data collection: stay on the same page or go to this link.

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