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#1 Web Scraper Harvest Data Tool|Web Crawler Software Review

Thursday, March 9, 2017

[Octoparase User Review] By Hrithik Passi from India- Standard Plan User  - Standard Plan User


I have seen this software long before in Aug 2016. I had tried that and it worked well with local extraction. But, in cloud extraction I had an issue with login, i.e., username and password entering. I have again got through it after a long time until I found that this problem could be solved by using the cookie, just a simple click under “Advanced Options”.


Also in February I was surprised to see that many features have been added to it. The advanced mode is simply awesome. Previously it took 2-3 hours to configure an extractor for me but now I could do it in no less than 10 minutes. No coding required at all. If you know English and have a little tolerance to workout your brain, that's it !!


Octoparse has a lot to offer for you daily business needs. It is still the perfect one for blog based extractors which do not need any sort of login, as easy as drinking a cup of tea. You have local extractor to preserve your IP and also cloud plans to get a faster work done.


Scheduling is also available so you can extract data on a daily basis. Retrieving can also be done in many ways not just CSV and Excel, which is a very good feature. It is very helpful to directly push it away to the database.


Web proxy is also a great feature and it will be more awesome if we have chance of selecting a country for a proxy, as many sites have limitations on certain countries. But still I feel some more improvements could be done in login based extractors as it had been an issue for storing cookies, which sometimes failed to work. I hope the Octoparse guys find a way for it soon.


And no doubt, it will then be the #1 Web Scraper & Data Extraction Tool :)


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