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What is a Web Scraper?

A web scraper uses web scraping techniques to extract massive amounts of information from websites whereby the data is extracted and saved to a local file in your laptop or to a database in visual format. Web scrapers assist you in crawling and extracting information from the deep internet. By using a web scraper you’ll be able to bulk collect data like text, URLs/email addresses from websites.

What are Web Scrapers Used for?

Nowadays, web scraping has been widely used in various fields, such as news portals, blogs, forums, e-commerce websites, social media, real estate, financial reports, And the purposes of web scraping are also various, including contact scraping, online price comparison, website change detection, web data integration, weather data monitoring, research, etc.

Web Scraping Technique

The web scraping technique is implemented by web-scraping software tools. These tools interact with websites in the same way as you do when using a web browser like Chrome. In addition to displaying the data in a browser, web scrapers extract data from web pages and store them in a local folder or database. There are lots of web-scraping software tools on the Internet. Octoparse could be a smart one, the value of which is that you can extract any web data easily and freely, even collect a large amount of source data from some very dynamic websites(data that changes very frequently). 

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