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Web Phone Number Extractor

Thursday, March 02, 2017

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It would be great if all the contact information such as phone number are stored in neat columns and rows waiting for you when you are job hunting.

There is still a great need, just like in the old days without Internet, for collecting phone numbers in bulk. Instead of flipping through a a bright yellow (Yellow Page) book, it’s now more common to look for resource such as phone numbers from the Web. It’s undoubtedly more witty to have some web phone number extraction tools to automatically grab the telephone/mobile/fax numbers posted online than just copy these phone numbers one by one into an Excel spreadsheet. After all, doing the right thing is more important than doing the thing right.

A necessary tool for effectively extracting web phone number, can accurately identify and grab the phone numbers from the website. I’ve used some popular web phone number extraction tools and many web phone number extraction tools can easily deal with simple websites. But more often, more valuable information will be stored and protected in complex websites. That said, there are lots of web phone number extraction tools that will definitely handle these complex sites. Octoparse is such a powerful web data extraction tool that you cannot miss.




Octoparse enables you to extract all the phone numbers from the web page with its advanced features. For example, if you are looking all the lawyers in Dallas, Texas (United States) on, you will see the perfect results with all the details information of each lawyer.

But you may also notice that some phone numbers on the web page will appear after clicking on the “VIEW PHONE#” button and the location of the PHONE NUMBER button may change according to the contact information posted by different lawyers.



So, how to extract all the phone numbers of laywers in Dallas, Texas on this site? The solution is to modify the X Path generated by Octoparse to accurately extract the phone numbers information wherever it is.


Firstly, there are 17 pages for the results. 

We can get the list of URLs as follows.



Create a loop for extract data from the list of URLs.


Then extract all the phone numbers of the lawyers, and modify the X Path.





The result seems pretty good, right?


Before extracting any data from websites, I’d strongly recommend you read the terms of service of the website you want to pull data out from and thus avoid legal issues. I’ve attached the Octoparse file (Click HERE)and you can download it to extract the data directly after you launch Octoparse.


Octoparse is not just used to extract phone numbers, but also to extract other web content from complex websites using techniques such as AJAX, JavaScript, pagination, etc.. Try out more features now!




Author: The Octoparse Team




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