Understand the Labor Costs of Different Industries by Scraping Glassdoor.com

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To establish a company, the initial investment’s sometimes large, sometimes lower, but initial investment was never the biggest cost of starting up a company, labor cost is. Since initial investment is a one-time investment, it is counted as a fixed cost in your balance sheet, and it’s going to be deducted every fiscal year. Differs from initial investment, labor cost is a constantly increased expense, so understanding the prices of different labor is crucial for a company’s development.

Traditional ways of researching market prices of various labor types would cost massive time to get a conclusion, and the result may not be accurate as expected. Why not try something new? Using the very best web scraping tool- Octoparse to scrape needed data and use it to do some simple equations to calculate market prices, and by the results we learn, we can recruit employees based on this price, and we can also seek substitutes according to the price.

For example, I’ll scrape the salary that every company offers to a python programmer in Los Angeles. Let’s see what factors do we need to know, to learn the market price of a specific job-position. In this case, I think we simply need to know “job title”, “salary”, “company name”, and “job description”. Now, let’s start configuring and extract these data. (Run by Octoparse)


When the data is extracted to Excel, we can see data has turned neat and structured, and we’ll be able to filter it the way we want to. Assume that we need software engineers with basic Python skill, we can filter the “seniors” and “managers” out, then, we’ll get a list of job positions of basic python engineer. By averaging these jobs’ salaries, we can get an averaging range of Python engineer’s salary range, which is $86.94k-$125.94k. A company manager should be aware of the salary range of different position needed, and this range can help him whether to employ a qualified worker or to choose a substitute for the work. 

For example, if a company needs a python programmer basically to scrape web data for competitor’s analysis, with such a high price, why not choose some nice web scraping tool like Octoparse.


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