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9 Industries Benefit from Web Scraper Octoparse

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Big data has become a fast-grow trend in nowadays’ economy, the demands for data extraction tools are getting stronger and stronger. This article lists 9 industries that link closely with big data, and have great demands for web scraping, data extraction tools. Let’s see if your industries are on the list.



E-commerce companies use web scraping to collect competitor’s information, such as monitoring their competitor prices and title attributes, which can help them build strategies to compete against, they also collect product reviews to do sentimental analysis, from which they get to know the flaws of their products and help them adjust and refine. Furthermore, reviews are very important for start-up E-commerce companies, they can use web scraping to collect reviewers’ information, this would save them much time and energy. (Octoparse's processing extraction)



Media companies use web scraping to collect social platforms’ latest topics, and discover the most trending topics. Octoparse’s cloud service has the function of getting real-time data, which saves the users’ worries, and help improve users’ working efficiency.


Website Creators

Website creator does not write all the contents on his own, especially for website types are forums, blogs, and etc., usually he searches articles and information from competing websites, and uses these information as reference to build his own websites. Web scraping tools can help website creators obtain demanded information quickly, and put ones work in progress.


Real Estate

Real estate companies use web scraping to collect potential customers’ profiles, getting people’s phone number or E-mail address. When having contacts, they will be able to persuade.


Travel Companies


Travel companies use web scraping to discover the hottest travelling spots, and scrape down traveler’s profiles to see ones travelling will and use the information to make travelling plans that suit most of the potential customers. Also, travel companies can scrape destination spot's information to build their travelling plans, such as historical sites, hotels, and restaurants.(data extracted by Octoparse)



Lawyers handle plenty of cases, mainly are commonly seen, but there would be some strange cases they might not deal with before, then they may want to look through the past judgement of the similar kinds, and in this part, Octoparse helps them scrape down certain cases in whole. These information may help them cases study and make the right plan to face courts.



Finance companies deal with massive data everyday, and mostly the data reflects directly to investors’ money, so accurate data would be very important for finance companies. Octoparse can help finance companies collect massive accurate data in a very short time, and help them make the best decision.



Research individuals or companies need data to support their models to prove their hypotheses. There are two ways to obtain data, the first is to conduct a series of experiments to find ones own data, the second, it’s to scrape down from former researchers’ papers or database.  



Lead generation

Every lead generation based company wants a tool help them scraping customer profiles, these information are the sources of their revenue, the accuracy, quantity and time are all important for them. They cannot fulfill three of these at a same time manually, so they use web scraping tool to collect data.


Actually, most companies may have requests for web scraping, data extraction tools, since everyone has a competitor in the world nowadays, they may want to collect competitor product’s price, features, and so on. Furthermore, when companies are having recruitment, they wish they can scrape down applicants’ profiles to filter the unmatched. Big data is a powerful tool for most people, and Octoparse can help you get it.


In case you'd like to start scraping for your business now, I've prepared some typical web scraping tutorials for your reference:

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