Top eCommerce SaaS Companies in 2024

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What is an eCommerce SaaS company?

Software as a Service, also known as SaaS, is a web-based solution that helps users improve their service and working efficiency. An eCommerce SaaS company targets users in the eCommerce field to help boost their online business.

How does an eCommerce SaaS company benefit online business?

  • Unlike traditional on-premises, SaaS offers cloud data hosting so that users can access the data on any Internet-connected device.
  • SaaS offers sophisticated applications to integrate and streamline your business.
  • With customer service and timely support taking care of the troubleshooting, there is no need for extra costs to build an in-house IT team.

Top eCommerce SaaS companies that help bring business growth in 2023:

1 Octoparse

Octoparse is a web scraping tool that helps scrape data from web pages, including eCommerce websites, social media trends, and company product pages. Data scraped can be exported locally or sent to your database through API connection in different formats, such as Excel, CSV, etc. for backup or further analysis. 

Key features for eCommerce users

  • User-friendly point-and-click interface for a non-coder to easily build his/her first web crawler.
  • Ready-to-use templates to scrape from websites like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Walmart, Target, etc., getting you hundreds of product information within minutes.
  • Scheduled scraping keeps users constantly informed of the latest updates, making real-time Price intelligence, Stock monitoring, and competitors analysis possible. 

Octoparse provides users with a free version, while if you want to scrape on a large scale, the paid plan starts from Standard Plan Monthly at $89. More advanced services are offered, click here to learn more.


“Octoparse data service saves me a ton of time from collecting millions of web data from tricky websites, which most providers have failed. I’m glad I found Octoparse. They have the best customer service that helps me build and maintain crawlers. They even wrote me a series of tutorials step-by-step. I highly recommend Octoparse data service for any person involved in e-commerce.” 

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2 Re:amaze

Re:amaze is a helpdesk and customer messaging platform designed for eCommerce businesses. Re:amaze provides comprehensive tools designed to make customer service more efficient and valuable. Use Re:amaze to reduce response times by up to 30%, reduce support volume by up to 50%, increase average order values by up to 27%, and boost customer satisfaction by up to 45%.

Key features 

  • Live chat with full automation for on-site engagement and chatbots. Use Re:amaze Chat to automatically answer order status-related questions, commonly asked questions covered in your FAQ, and custom dialogue flows.
  • Multi-channel shared inbox so your entire team can work out of one inbox for emails, chats, Facebook Pages, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, SMS, and even VOIP.
  • Use our full-featured FAQ knowledge base to educate customers. The Re:amaze FAQ can be used within Re:amaze Chat, hosted directly on your website, or hosted on a subdomain of your choice.


Re:amaze’s Basic plan starts at just $20 per user per month. We also have Pro and Plus plans with additional features that start at $40 and $60 per user per month respectively.

 >Reviews can be found here

3 Prisync

Prisync is a competitor price tracking and dynamic pricing tool that helps e-commerce companies make profitable pricing decisions. Using a simple dashboard and daily Excel reports, online sellers can monitor and analyze competitors’ pricing data and respond to price changes immediately.

Key features

  • 24/7 online chat support and an onboarding service to stay aligned with your goals
  • Easy-to-use single dashboard to monitor, match, and beat anyone’s prices automatically with the smart rules you set
  • Flexible subscription plans to help you get what you need at a reasonable price


Prisync’s professional plan—which comes at $59/month—allows you to track pricing and stock information of 100 products from an unlimited number of competitors. For sellers interested in tracking more products, having API access or advanced analytics, premium and platinum plans are available at $129/month and $229/month.

“Trusted competitor checker. We are able to keep on top of and be aware of our price positioning within the market and adjust accordingly so that we are always better priced or in line. This saves time scrawling the internet manually and means that we can just log in to one portal and see a summary of our price positioning at any given time.”

 >Reviews can be found here

If you’re finding data service for your project, Octoparse data service is a good choice. We work closely with you to understand your data requirement and make sure we deliver what you desire. Talk to an Octoparse data expert now to discuss how web scraping services can help you maximize efforts. 

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