Best Web Crawler Services/Companies in 2021

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About Web Crawling Service

Web data crawling or scraping is becoming increasingly popular in the last few years. The scraped data can be used for various analyses, even predictions. By analyzing the data, people can gain insight into one industry and take on other competitors. Here, we can see how useful and necessary it is to get high-quality data at a faster speed and on a large scale. Also, higher demand for data has driven the fast growth of Web Crawler Service.

Web Crawler Service can be found easily if you search it via Google. More exactly, it is one kind of customized Paid Service. Every time you’d like to crawl a web site or any data set, you need to pay for the service provider and then you can get the crawled data you want. There is something you should notice, you must be careful with the service provider you choose and express your data requirements as clear and exclusive as possible. I will propose some Web Crawler Service I used or learned for your reference. Anyway, the evaluation of services is hard since those services continuously evolve to serve the customer better. The best way to decide is what your requirements are and what is on offer, map them and rank them by yourself.  

1. DataHen

DataHen is known as a professional Web Crawler Service Provider. It has offered well-rounded and patient service, covering all levels of data crawling or scraping requirements from personal, startups and enterprises. You will not need to buy or learn a scraping software by using DataHen. They are able to fill up forms when being obfuscated by certain sites which require authentications. The UI is straightforward to understand, as can be seen below, you only need to fill out the required information and they will deliver the data you need to crawl. 

2. Grepsr

Grepsr is a powerful Crawler Service platform which provides multi-kinds of user data crawling needs. To communicate better with users, Grepsr has provided quite clear and all-inclusive requirements gathering user interface as below. There are also three editions of the Paid Plan of Grepsr from Starters to Enterprises. Users can choose any plan based on their respective crawling needs.

3. Octoparse

Octoparse should be defined as a web scraping tool, even though it also offers customized data crawlers service. Octoparse Web Crawler Service is powerful as well. Tasks can be scheduled to run on the Cloud Platform which includes at least 6 Cloud Servers working simultaneously. It also supports IP rotations, which prevents getting blocked by certain websites. Plus, Octoparse API allows users to connect their system to their scraped data in real-time. Users can either import the Octoparse data into your own DB, or use the API to require access to their account’s data. Plus, Octoparse provides a Free Edition Extraction Plan. The Free Edition can also meet the basic needs of scraping or crawling from users. Anyone can use it to scrape or crawl data after you register an account. The only thing is that you need to learn to configure the basic scraping rules to crawl data you need, anyway, it is easy to grasp the configuration skills. The UI is clear and straightforward to understand, as can be seen in the figure below. By the way, their back-up service is professional, users with any doubts can contact them directly and get feedback and solutions ASAP.

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