How to Scrape Booking.com Data Without Coding

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Booking.com is one of the best and biggest travel reservation services available all over the world. It contains a lot of public data on multiple hotels, Airbnb, resorts, and many others. This data is about traveling spots, ratings about places to stay, user profiles, and their comments on Booking.com. This data and information open up a lot of opportunities for multiple uses.

In this article, we are going to discuss the general idea of booking web scraping, and how to scrape booking.com with the data of hotel information, price, ratings, comments, etc.

Can You Scrape Booking.com

We’ll talk about this question from these main aspects to help you understand booking.com web scraping better.

Why scrape Booking.com?

The travel industry is one of the busiest and most used industries, like a busy agency located in the center of the city. It is a complicated system of traveling sites like Booking.com sites with a versatile and enormous selection of tourism spots, ratings about places to stay, user profiles, and their comments on Booking.com. Booking.com has rebuilt and reshaped the hospitality and travel industry.

According to research, after 2007, almost 750 million traveling guests and tourists visited and stayed in apartments, homes, or unique places like igloos and yurts available on Booking.com. It is available in more than 200 countries and territories. It has almost more than 28 million well-known listings like hotels, apartments, travel destinations, homes, etc. Due to the COVID pandemic in 2020, more than 58% down had been seen in bookings across parent company Booking Holdings. It is easy and safer to travel around the whole world. It will be much helpful if you can get data about everything available on booking.com, no matter for individuals or businesses.

Don’t worry about any legal aspects while scraping booking.com. It’s totally legal and technically accurate to scrape booking.com as you don’t scrape anything personal or private. The whole data on booking.com is public and everyone can see it. So, the answer to this question is yes. It is necessary to scrape booking.com at respectful and slow rates. Scraping any website at slow and respectful rates fall under the category of ethical website scraping.

However, you should be responsible for the data usage, which should not be against your local laws. Any scraper is just a tool and not take responsibility for such things.

Does Booking.com have API Access?

Booking.com doesn’t provide any public API access but you have to grant access from them. You can buy access to each API (hotel booking API, booking.com API GitHub, hotels value booking, hotel booking.com) with booking.com API pricing details. Booking.com API price can vary from your subscription plan from basic to mega with a maximum number of requests per day.

What types of data can we scrape from Booking.com?

With a data scraping tool, we can get public data from Booking.com including:

  • Hotel name
  • The prices
  • Distance
  • Address
  • Score
  • Customer reviews
  • Number of reviews
  • Other hotel booking data

Scrape Data from Booking Like Hotel Pricing, Reviews, etc.

Octoparse is a free python-based tool to scrape booking.com without any coding skills. By using Octoparse, you can get the maximum amount of data you want from booking.com with its cloud extraction, IP rotation, pagination, infinite scroll, and other features. It has an auto-detecting function so that you can get most of the data with only a few clicks. Also, you can find the preset templates for popular websites including Booking. Just download it from our official website and start your extraction by following the video guide or simple steps below.

Steps to scrape Booking.com by using Octoparse

Step 1: Enter the booking.com URL to Octoparse

Copy the target booking URL and paste it into the search bar, click on the Start button to enter the auto-detecting mode.

Step 2: Create your workflow and make changes

After the quick process, create a workflow on the right panel. You can see the data preview panel which shows the data fields you will get. Change what you want here or follow the tips panel shows.

Step 3: Run the workflow to extract data from booking

Confirm your data before extraction, and then click on the Run button to activate the process. Once it has finished, you can download your data in JSON, CSV, or Excel files.

If you’re looking for more details, you can move to Octoparse Booking Scraping Guide to have a further read.

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