How to Find Leads on Yellow Pages For Your Business With Web Scraping

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You might doubt in mind right now: is Yellowpages.com still worth paying attention to in 2024? Because the world continues to digitize, traditional mediums like the Yellow Pages are less attractive to business owners and customers. However, don’t underestimate what it has accumulated in the past time. Yellow Pages still provide a rich list for local businesses nowadays, making it a gold mine for hunting leads. This article will discuss why it is still valuable for lead generation and how you can scrape leads from Yellow Pages with Octoparse.

Why Scrape Yellow Pages for Lead Generation

Since founded in 1996 during the dotcom boom, Yellow Pages has established a large database that contains contact information for millions of businesses worldwide. Even though data might not always be current, Yellow Pages updates data more frequently than public records and offline sources. And most of the businesses listed are still active.

Meanwhile, you can find leads across many different categories, from plumbers to accountants to retailers on Yellow Pages. The listings on Yellow Pages are organized by location, so you can target scraping in specific regions or cities that match your particular needs. Another important thing is that you don’t need to pay Yellow Pages directly for the data. You can access lead data for free and build a sales pipeline from available information on Yellow Pages.

What You Can Extract From Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages provides detailed contact info of businesses that can make connecting with potential customers or partners easy for you. Here are some of the key pieces of information you can scrape from Yellow Pages to generate leads:

  • Basic information about the business, including name, category, industry, employee size, year established, description, open/close time, etc.;
  • Contact information, including phone numbers, primary phone, fax, additional lines, website URL, email address, social media links, etc.;
  • Physical address, including street address, city, state, postal code, etc.

After collecting this information, you can import it into a CRM and build targeted lists to nurture sales opportunities over time with various methods like cold calling and email campaigns.

Four Steps to Scrape Leads on Yellow Pages with Octoparse

Web scraping is a technique that can simplify your process of collecting online data. Unlike the traditional web scraping method that requires users to write the script themselves, Octoparse is a no-code web scraping solution for anyone.

With Octoparse, you can grab lead data in bulk without writing a line of code. It can also be your AI web scraping assistant and provide timely tips on building a lead scraper. For example, it can auto-detect extractable for you and maximize scraping efficiency with the 24/7 cloud solution.

If you haven’t extracted leads with Octoparse before, please download Octoparse and install it on your device first. Then, you can sign up for a new account or log in with your Google or Microsoft account to unlock the powerful scraping features and create a lead scraper with only four steps!

Step 1: Create a new task to scrape leads on Yellow Pages

Copy the URO of the page you want to pull data from and paste it into the search bar on Octoparse. Next, click “Start” to create a new lead scraping task. Then, the page will load in Octoparse’s built-in browser. Wait until the page loading is complete before we move forward.

Step 2: Auto-detect Yellow Pages leads information

Click “Auto-detect webpage data” in the Tips panel once the page is loaded. This advanced and AI-powered feature will scan the whole page “guess” what data you’re seeking, and highlight all the detected data for you. You can preview this data inside the browser to check if Octoparse makes a good guess. Also, you can preview all extractable data fields on the “Data Preview” panel at the bottom.

Step 3: Create and modify the workflow of lead scraping

After selecting all wanted data, click “Create workflow.” Then, an auto-generated workflow will show up on your right-hand side. You can see every action of your lead scraper in this flow chart. By clicking on each action, you can check if the scraper runs as expected. You can add new steps or remove any unwanted steps on the chart. Don’t be afraid to edit the workflow! A well-designed workflow will improve your efficiency of scraping leads a lot!

Step 4: Run the task and export scraped data

Once you’ve double-checked all the details, click on the Run button to run the task. Next, choose to run the task on your device or Octoparse’s cloud servers. Running on a local device is perfect for task troubleshooting and quick runs. By contrast, Octoparse cloud servers are more suitable for large tasks. Because cloud servers can work for you 24/7 and collect the latest leads that help you catch the current trend in the marketplace.

When the scraping process is completed, you can export scraped to a local file like Excel, or a database like Google Sheets for further use.

An Easier Way For Lead Scraping – Octoparse Preset Templates

Octoparse also offers an easier solution if you don’t want to build a scraper yourself. Search “Yellow Pages” in the Template Gallery on Octoparse. You can find a list of preset templates for scraping data from Yellow Pages. You can easily scrape leads with these templates by only entering a few required parameters. Then, you can get business information, such as title, rating, address, phone, open hour, website, email, etc., in minutes.

In addition to Yellow Pages scraping templates, you can employ the advanced template Contact Details Scraper which is specially developed for lead generation to hunt for leads on Yellow Pages. It’s a general template that can extract lead details from most mainstream websites and their subpages.

Wrap Up

Yellow Pages is still an indispensable database for leads. Lead scraping allows businesses to scrape leads in bulk and identify their ideal leads for successful marketing campaigns and better sales performance. Octoparse makes lead scraping acceptable for anyone. You can spend less time and effort on building scrapers and pay most of your attention to data analysis to make the most use of leads. Try Octoparse now, let’s web scraping fuel your business!

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