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How to Extract Data from E-commerce Websites

Friday, April 01, 2016


Online shopping

Thanks to the increasing popularity of the internet, the large varieties of online sales platforms and product types, the growing maturity of electronic payment gateways and logistics and delivery support, online shopping has become a popular trend with a rapidly growing market size. Accordingly, e-commerce sites have also developed rapidly. The demand of extracting data from e-commerce websites is also growing.

Data and eCommerce

E-commerce refers to the purchase and sale of goods and/or services via electronic channels such as the Internet.  By simply clicking a mouse or touching a screen, shoppers can purchase nearly any product online -- from groceries to cars, from insurance policies to home loans. The world of electronic commerce, also called e-commerce, allows shoppers to buy at thousands of on-line stores and pay for their purchases without leaving the comfort of home.


Data is the crucial part for e-commerce businesses. With more knowledge collected from customers through different touch points like loyalty programs, visitor browsing patterns, and past purchase behavior, e-commerce businesses will process this information to carry out client segmentation and so push out personalized content and promotions. For e-commerce websites owners, it’s really necessary to track and monitor prices of what your competitors are selling their products at.

A relatively accurate profile are often created for each customer after collecting and processing data. This customer profile can thus provide insights as to what price would re-engage the customer and persuade him to make another purchase. Note that this has proven the most effective for customer retention methods. this may also help expedite the process of deciding whether or not a $10 off or 20% discount would work the best on any specific customer.







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