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Octoparse Enterprise Plan

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

We’re excited to announce the release of Octoparse Enterprise plan on our Third-year anniversary, which featuring multi-role access, web-based data control and retrieval, and most importantly, scalable cloud resources to achieve data scraping of any scales.

The Octoparse Enterprise version aims to make web scraping ever easier and achievable for our enterprise-level customers with all kinds of diverse and large-scale data extraction projects.


Work together effectively

Now, you can work together as a team! There are two roles in an Octoparse Enterprise plan: the Administrator and the Agent

Admin role is mainly responsible for account managements, data control and can also access all data extracted by all agents. In addition to the two default agents, more agents can be added if needed. 

By having the different roles involved, the team can work together more effectively by better managing account resources, scraping tasks and cloud data.


Access data in cloud anywhere

Forget about the client, you are now in control of your data anywhere at any time!

Octoparse web console lets you access data in cloud anytime, and more importantly, download your data in the cloud from any browser at any time. Any new data extracted? Don't worry. It's always up to date.


Designed to grow and scale

The Enterprise plan is made for powerful web scraping with maximum scalability.

By default, the Octoparse Enterprise plan comes with 2 agents and 40 concurrent processes; yet, the number of agents and processes can be scaled up to whatever it takes to achieve your ultimate scraping goal.


Enterprise Web Console

The web console is the new and the exclusive feature available to Enterprise plan only. With the web console, account administrators could easily

Manage agent permissions

✔ Oversee all task/data status (in the cloud)

Download the extracted data directly to local machines from any browser



Cloud Resource Management

More powerful scraping with fewer resources! Being an enterprise account, cloud resources is scalable and manageable. You can easily optimize how cloud resources are utilized by:

Enable/disable resource sharing among all agents

Adjust the exact resource available to each agent


Learn more about Extracting Dynamic Data with Octoparse Cloud Extraction


We‘ve got your back!

In addition to the above exclusive features, Octoparse enterprise customers will also enjoy:

Advanced training

Learn how to get most out of your Enterprise plan via our 4-hour personalized training and webinars.

Top priority support

Whenever you got any questions, our professional customer support experts are here for you.

Dedicated success manager

Our dedicated customer success manager will be working with you throughout the onboarding process to make sure everything's working as expected.

Contact our sales to ask for more information or request for a demo!




Author: Surie 


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