Emotional Connectivity: The Secret to Marketing Success

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Think about the way you check your daily emails. Do you open every single one, or do you somehow know which to open and which to delete? What is it that makes certain emails worth your time and attention?

The answer is value. You open the emails that come from senders you trust who provide you with information, entertainment, and content that has meaning to you. Those companies, at some point, created a message that resonated with you on a personal level, which caused you to continue reading their emails.

Every business tries to create content that will catch a reader’s attention, but you can stay ahead of the competition by developing emotional connectivity with your audience just like your favorite email senders did with you. How? Follow these steps.


Throughout history, storytelling has been a way for mankind to bond with one another. Individuals can connect with your business through this powerful tool, and it’s as simple as skipping some of the facts surrounding your products in lieu of something more compelling.

Perhaps your business was started with the last remnants of your checking account before it became a larger entity. Maybe you overcame personal obstacles to get your business to where it is today. Whatever your story is, people want to hear it!

Market the Right Way

The idea behind marketing is to “hype up” your business, so to speak. However, this trend of eye-catching advertisements is giving way to a more personal form of marketing. What would appeal to you more, an ad that told you how neat a product was compared to its competitor or an ad that showed you how a product could help you with an everyday problem?

Changing your marketing perspective to a helpful one can build a close relationship between your brand and your audience. Everyone is looking for help with common issues, and your business can be a knight in shining armor to someone in need.

The good news is, you won’t be lacking channels you can use – some examples are opting for Pay-Per-Click campaigns through Google Ads or Facebook. There are many ways to go about it, with great tips on kickstarting your Facebook campaigns.

Incorporate Your Personality

People can hardly relate to a business, it’s almost impossible. What they do relate to are personalities. Think about it, when sorting through your email list and picking out the favorite, do you like the ones that have their own persona to them?

Your audience will find you more relatable if you portray yourself as confident, friendly, energetic, or any other positive personality trait you can think of. Take this one step further by incorporating your own personality into your marketing. This way, your brand holds its own unique identity.

Looks Never Hurt

While we tend to think of emotional matters transcending what we see on the surface, the truth of the matter is that audiences are emotionally swayed by visuals as much as they are a compelling story. Your product’s personality needs to have a visual representation to back it up.

Are the framing and angle communicating the same message as the personality? Is there an environment that creates a better level of understanding and connection? Is the product in the proper area of the frame to make itself the main feature?

Another important aspect to consider is motion, whether that involves your background or the product moving. For instance, a fast-moving image gives an enthusiastic character while a slow-moving one evokes calmness.

It is important to contemplate whether a moving image would be of any benefit to your customer, and if it is justified by the product’s capabilities. A product that performs a certain function might benefit from showing that function through motion. However, a simpler product might just look goofy when moving around in an email.

Colors Are Meaningful

Whether it is the patriotic response to a nation’s flag or the pride taken in wearing a football team’s jersey, people emotionally resonate with colors. In the same way, you can connect with your audience via one or several colors.

A few good examples are Whole Foods utilizing green to portray a healthy appearance, CNN using red to evoke excitement over the news, and restaurants using red to increase your appetite. Consider what it is that attracts people to your product as well as what message it is you would like to send before choosing a color.

Whatever you end up deciding, the next step is to get your color out in the open for people to see.

The Emotional Connection

In order to stay a step ahead of the competition, your marketing needs to speak to your audience on an emotional and personal level. The same things that cause you to continue to read a specific company’s emails are the same things audience members are looking for from your business.

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