8 Marketing Tools Proven to Grow Your Business in 2024

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There were over 2.8 billion social media users until 2017, as reported by an analysis report from We Are Social and GWI. With a number like this, we can see an ever-fast-growing user group in digital marketing.

Now, thanks to social media marketing tools, enterprises are able to target these prospective customers much faster from so many social media users, thus reducing the cost. Here, I will put a list of 8 top marketing tools to help you with your digital marketing.

1. Buzzsumo

To begin with your promotion or marketing, you should be clear about the popular trend currently. Buzzsumo is dedicated to analyzing the content of a post and how it’s perceived by the public. By searching the titles and domain names, Buzzsumo is able to find out the hottest topic among users. With this marketing tool, you can keep close to popular topics in any industry. Knowing these statistics, you can line them up next to your blog post plan each month and see trends in the kind of content that resonates. However, there is a restriction for the free version which will limit the search results for further analysis, which means you may need to pay some for a complete set of search results.

2. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Admittedly, the topic or content of writing is important, a good title can decide whether people are willing to click your posts open and then keep reading. Thus, to optimize your writing titles, I will propose a free title analyzing tool – CoSchedule Headline. This marketing tool is able to estimate an SEO rating score from A to F based on your title and give you detailed statistical analysis feedback concerned about the occurring times of those particular, common, influential words.

3. VWO

The structure or layout of a website is influencing your marketing performance. Here, VWO is an A/B testing tool that helps you determine what’s working on your website, and what’s not. You can use VWO to test a list of website functionalities, such as which headline, and website design. You can easily adjust the headline, button, image, or any other element to create multiple variations of your website. VWO will scientifically estimate which one works best for you.

4. Slack

Besides attractive marketing posts and reasonable site structure, you still need to learn how to promote your working efficiency and improve collaboration. As known, there are many kinds of social media and information exchange platforms, like Twitter, Google Drive, Dropbox, Github, etc. Here, I’d like to introduce a marketing tool – Slack, which has integrated various marketing information from different media platforms. With this tool, you may invite your teammates to exchange information and collaborate, and all of your conversations can be saved with markers for reference (E.g, #blog vision). More advanced, you can send out files and integrate Slack with other marketing tools by checking out all of your messages simply with Slack. Luckily, a free version almost can satisfy all of these marketing operation needs till now.

5. Google Analytics

This is a masterpiece created by Google. It’s easy to use, but very important for every marketing operator. It will help you to trace and get to know your customers by analyzing the traffic flow, conversion rate, exact particular web page visit number, and even distribution characteristics of different ages. You can refine your analyzing results by specifying any key indicators for reference.

6. Ghostery

Even if you have made a perfect marketing plan, you still need to keep alert whether you may have been watched by your competitors already. This may incur serious problems in the business field. Here, a marketing tool of the Google Chrome extension – Ghostery can help you keep a sense of your competitor’s unkind monitoring. As the figure is shown below, when you visit a competitor’s website and then click the button featured as a blue ghost in the upper right corner, then you can see a list of inserted tracing tools show up.

7.  Octoparse

Sometimes, we want to crawl a wealth of information from a website for customized data analysis rather than use any existing marketing analyzer. In this case, data collection should be the very first step before you get started with any further data analysis, as most data analyzing tools only accept a well-structured and clean data set.

Octoparse is a powerful data collection tool that can help you to collect/crawl millions of data from most websites. It’s designed for non-programmers since users can just get customized crawled data results by simply pointing & click in a user-friendly interactive interface. Plus, users can reformat the data and locate the exact way of particular irregular data fields by using the built-in tools provided by Octoparse. And you needn’t worry about getting blocked by some aggressive websites, as you can set proxy servers to automate IPs’ leaving to prevent IP blocking. With that said, you can collect any data you want from a website by using this automatic web crawling tool. 

8. Tableau

After you get a complete set of data results. You can get started with data analysis.

Tableau is a full-fledged BI data analyzing tool that’s well-known to many enterprises. It can offer either targeted or general analyzing plans for its users. Users can customize the data analyzing method or data visualization based on their various demands by simply dragging and clicking operations. It’s compatible with different platforms, like Windows, Mac, or online. However, it’s still hard for Tableau to deal with some irregular data sets and complicated statistical models.

The 8 marketing tools above can help most enterprises with their marketing necessities, from design, implementation, test, to analysis. You can visit their website for more information in case you are interested and get started with your smart marketing.

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