Common Points of Website Data Scraping Services

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Nowadays, big data has been widely used in various areas like e-commerce websites, social media, medical reforms and financial reports. Although there are many statistics organizations to provide different databases, special needs are not usually considered by such organizations. People or enterprises want more details like the specific price of the product or the contact information of different websites. That may be the ground of the website data scraping service. You could now find there are many website data extraction tools available online like Import.io and Octoparse. And you could also find that such data scraping services have something in common.

Firstly, purposes of such website data scraping services are similar. They could be used in different industries, such as e-commerce, government affairs, education, and market management. Contact information, details of online products, website change detection and other data mostly could be extracted. With these data, you could optimize the price of your products and increase sales by monitoring competitor pricing strategies. Or you could get marketing intelligence by identifying key market developments from various sources in the web. It depends on how you analyze your data. In short, wise decisions tend to be made after getting different data and analyzing them.

Considering people who want to extract the data often lack programming knowledge, website data scraping services also have something in common in this aspect. Technicalities involved coding are usually taken care of. What people should do is to follow the tutorials and take few simple steps. And they could quickly extract the data they want in few seconds.

Also, considering the purpose of using data, website data scraping services also provide Export function, with which you could export your data selected in various formats like Excel, CSV, XML and JSON. These different structures could satisfy your special needs either to analyze the data or to rewrite the HTML.

Last but not least, most websites provide different versions to meet different groups’ needs like Free Edition and Professional Edition. And you would run no risk as there are often a money-back guarantee policy if there is something wrong with your paid edition.

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