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7 Reasons Why People Are Scraping Amazon

Wednesday, August 02, 2017


Amazon, known as the biggest Internet-based retailer in the world by total sales and market capitalization. Its web-pages contain massive data, and the data may help lots people doing their jobs. In this article, the Octoparse team listed 7 reasons why people scrapes from Amazon.


Amazon dealers collect data of competing products

One of the greatest Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu said, “Knowing yourself and your enemy helps you winning every war.” This phase works as well in business, collecting competing products’ data helps company develop proper strategies and make right decisions.


Amazon dealers collect data of product ranks first in a page

How to create sales may always be the concern of all businessman. For Amazon dealer, the best way to create sales may be having its products appear in a page of the most relevant search, and to do which, they need to understand the rules that adapts to calculate product-ranks. Having the data of products that place in the front row, Amazon dealers can find elements that affect product ranking, by repeating test, they should be able to know the weights of each elements.


Amazon dealers collect information of Top reviewers

Product review takes a big weight in Amazon’s ranking formula, but how to invite people to do the reviews is also a big problem. In Amazon’s web-page, there is a page listed top 10 thousand customer reviewers, whenever a new product comes out, Amazon dealers may want to invite them to do some reviews for their products, however, copying and pasting repeatedly for over 1000 pages would cost the Amazon dealers lots of time and labor cost. Octoparse- an astonishing web-scraping tool can help them scrape data down from the web. (P.S. Inviting reviewers to do reviews violates the rules of Amazon, Amazon dealers should weight the advantages and disadvantages)


Amazon dealers collect reviews of their own products

A business should always concern about how its products doing in the market. For Amazon dealers, one way to see how its products perform in the market is to study products’ reviews. Reviews have pros and cons, with the data of products’ reviews in hand, Amazon dealers would be able to know what aspects of their products they should enhance, and what they can do to improve customer’s experience.


Amazon dealers collect customer profiles

Every business has one’s target group, so does E-commerce. However, unlike other lead generation based business, customer profiles are well-protected by Amazon. Amazon dealers switch strategy aiming on collecting profiles of customers who have bought their products, by study their shopping habits, Amazon dealers can plan different sets of product combo for them, thereby increasing sales.


Amazon dealers collect data over the market

Some Amazon dealers may have a great resource of manufacturer, to make use of it, they may make more products and sell on Amazon, but it’s unclear what kinds of product to make. To find out what kinds of product are most-demanded, Amazon dealers may want to collect data over the market, and to study which kind is sold most. Then, they can make good use of their manufacturing resources.


Customers use data to do comparison

An E-commerce platform must contain a variety of products, the good and bad are intermingled, customers may want to do some comparison and screen out the bad. The data may not be seen easily from web-pages, it would be easier if the data is well arranged in a list. Octoparse can scrape down the data required and put it into an excel list, and buyers can use Octoparse do some basic extraction for free!


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