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5 Steps to Collect Big Data

Friday, May 15, 2020

(Updated 2020/2/16) 

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Today, many companies collect big data to analyze and interpret daily transactions and traffic data, aiming to keep track of the operations, forecast needs or implement new programs. But how to collect big data directly?

There may be a lot of data collection methods and you may feel quite confused. Here I will introduce the general steps to collect big data.


Step 1: Gather data

There are many ways to gather data according to different purposes. For example, you can buy data from Data-as-Service companies or use a data collection tool to gather data from websites. 


Step 2: Store data

After gathering the big data, you can put the data into databases or storage services for further processing. Usually, this step requires investment in the physical foundation as well as cloud services. Some data collection tools provide unlimited cloud storage after data is gathered, which greatly saves local resources and makes data easy to access from anywhere.


Step 3: Clean up data

Since there may be noisy information you don’t need, you need to pick up the one that meets your needs. This step is to sort the data, including cleaning up, concatenating and merging the data. 


Step 4: Reorganize data

You need to reorganize the data after cleaning it up for further use. Usually, you need to turn the unstructured or semi-unstructured formats into structured formats like Hadoop and HDFS. 


Step 5: Verify data

To make sure the data you get is right and makes sense, you need to verify the data. Choose some samples to see whether it works. Make sure that you are in the right direction so you can apply these techniques to your sourcing.


Closing thoughts

These are the general steps to collect big data. However, to collect the data, analyze it and glean insights into markets is not as easy as it seems. Data collection tools like Octoparse help make this process so much easier. They allow users to gather clean and structured data automatically so there is no need to clean it up or reorganize it. After the data is collected, it can be stored in cloud databases, which can be accessed anytime from anywhere. If you haven't tried data extraction tools, you may start a free 14-day trial now.


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Author: The Octoparse Team 

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