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Websites to Learn Web Scraping Ideas

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

For new starters in web scraping, information sources is important for learning. Here, I listed five blogs about web scraping. These blogs contain valuable information about how to scrape data from the web. 


1. Scraping.pro

Scraping.pro is the largest and one of the most authoritative blogs on web scraping. Founded in 2012 by Michael Shilov, scraping.pro is focused on solving the issues people encountered when extracting data from the internet.

Scraping.pro does not promote any product or service but analyzes the market and publishes reviews. It posts articles not only about web scraping tools and tutorials, but also comparisons and analysis between different scrapers. It welcomes guest postings to let readers share their thoughts. 


 2.  Kdnuggets.com


This blog is run by Gregory Piatetsky - Shapiro, a leading expert in data science. It is one of those sites that keep you informed of the latest news of web scraping or other techs in data science with articles that cover business analytics, data mining, and machine learning including interviews with many key leaders of the field. In addition, it offers free courses, meetings and webcasts about the industry and introduces data science software to readers.


3. Octoparse.com

octoparse blog

This is the official blog of a top free web scraping tool - Octoparse, concentrating on the information on web scraping. The blog covers amazing articles related to web scraping tools, tutorials, data analysis, big data and the latest news in the industry. As a perfect foundation to learn data science, it is good for beginners to learn tips and tricks of web scraping.


4. Bigdatanews.datasciencecentral.com

Big Data News, is a data science central community sharing all things related to big data and data science news. It allows members to post articles about web scraping or other topics of data science. Other members can comment or like the post to share their opinions. A lot of resources including books, articles and videos about the industry could be found in the blog. It is a good social media channel for users to gain knowledge and make friends with people having similar interests.


5. Analyticsvidhya.com

Analytics Vidhya features articles on data science, machine learning, web scraping and more. It truly is one of the best data science blogs and keeps users coming back to get a daily dose of data science. You can also post any queries regarding web scraping or data analysis in the forum. This blog is a must-read for those who want to start their career in or transition it towards data science. Not only is it a great source for big data news and releases, but it also contains user guides, case studies, and training on data science.


Final words

Web scraping is not that difficult if you start to try out these blogs. These platforms will inspire you and give you a better understanding of the era of big data. Follow these outstanding blogs, and you’ll keep your pulse on the future of web scraping.


Author: The Octoparse Team 

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