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3 Steps to Scrape Men’s Ranking on FIFA.COM

Friday, July 20, 2018


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FIFA.com has the most up-to-date football teams ranking information we want. Here I would like to introduce an easy approach to scrape the Men's ranking information from FIFA.COM, without coding. The data export format supports Excel, CSV, HTML, JSON, and database.



With just 3 steps, you can also extract the Men's ranking on FIFA.com in 25 sec like I do. Moreover, you can apply this same method to scrape any table information on any Websites.


If you don't have an Octoparse account, download the FREE App now. Here we begin.


Step 1: Open the website in Octoparse.

We will create the task in Advanced Mode, as it's more flexible. Just past the URL of the page: https://www.fifa.com/fifa-world-ranking/ranking-table/men/index.html?intcmp=fifacom_hp_module_associations

Click "Save URL" at the bottom. We have completed the first step!


Step 2: Loop click the "More" button

FIFA.com doesn't show all the ranking information at once, thus, we need to click on "More" button on the page, and select the action of "Loop click single element" in the Action Tips panel.


In this way, the crawler can click on the "More" button automatically.


Step 3: Loop extract data from each row

After loading all the team ranking information, the crawler shall start to extract data row by row.


3.1. Click on one cell of a team and expand the selection to "TR". "TR" means table row.


3.2. After "Select all sub-elements" in the row, Octoparse will automatically select all other rows in the table, so we can just click on the action "Select all" in Action Tips, to "Extract data".



Now that the complete workflow of the scraping task has been finished. Toggling the "workflow" button at the top right side of the interface, check your workflow, it should look like this:


What's more, you can edit the data field names accordingly and delete the information you don't need. Now just save the task and start Extraction to run it on your local machine. Then, you could export the Men's Ranking into the format you want.




Author: Surie M.(Octoparse Team)


Happy Data Hunting!


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