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[Octoparase User Review] By Dongheui Cho – Professional Plan User

I initially tested Contentgrabber to search and scrape web sites, but it was difficult to keep working on the local PC.

I started searching for cloud-based web scraping services through Internet search. I started to compare and find the services that support cheap and unlimited traffic. I finally found Octoparse service.

Why I choose Octoparse Cloud Service?

  •  Affordable prices
  • Free trail
  • GUI-based Workflow Designer
  • Up to 14 cloud services
  • Real-time customer support.

That’s all the service that I was looking for.

Of course I also tested other cloud scrapping services. Most of them did not satisfy the above services and seemed difficult for beginners to use.

My Experience with Octoparse

For two weeks, I think it’s a better solution to scrape a particular site and save it to DB or Excel, and it’s also the only cloud solution that can easily integrate with an external API to populate data or automatically populate my site .

I also liked the ability to avoid DOS Protection by supporting Proxy IP Rotating in the cloud.

However, in the case of scraping, in addition to inputting data in a specific field, the following problems were encountered.

First, if the result is displayed as a pop-up after inputting the data, the data could not be continuously acquired.

The second one is the 3 input in tandem problem.

1(a,A) 2(a,A) , 3(a,A), 4(a,A) , 5(a,A)    

1(b,B) 2(b,B) , 3(b,B), 4(b,B) , 5(b,B)

1(c,C) 2(c,C) , 3(c,C), 4(c,C) , 5(c,C)

It doesn’t support to input data as above. I am looking forward for the next upgrade.

Third, in some cases of certain tasks in the cloud, the speed may be slower than user, which seems to be caused by a proxy.

In most cases, however, you don’t need to worry about it because it responses quickly. In conclusion, we expect the services to be optimized for more general scraping to solve more specific problems.


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