The Relationship Between Big Data And Web Data Capture

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We’ve heard about lots of things about big data. And today we will talk something about  the relationship between big data and web data capture. “Advances in data gathering, computing power and connectivity mean that we have more information than ever before at our fingertips. IBM estimates that by 2020 there will be 300 times more information in the world than there was in 2005.”  – John Hsu, Guardian Journalist

It is huge volume of data, and most of the data stay in WEB and APP. So we would say, web data capture is a part of big data architecture and provided the underlying data source for big data architecture. When we gather  dialogue and make into corpus, we have artificial intelligence. When we collect some comments, we help companies do public opinion analysis or discover new market opportunities. When we do some price monitoring, we help companies do marketing pricing strategies. When we do some gambling historical data analysis , we effectively bet.

And the cases above all cover tens of thousands of data. On the Internet, most of the information you need is unstructured data. For instance, social networks. You would get a large section of the random text, rather than structured data on a web page. You need to follow a certain format to extract the effective data and different formats will have different approaches. It sounds quite troublesome. You need a developer to help you code a web crawler, or spend most of the energy on collecting data with a few cups of coffee a day. 

Now, it’s time for you to try Octoparse. Just take a few minutes to watch our tutorials and you can begin to collect data from the Internet. Octoparse has free trial and meets most needs of web pages collection. We would only charge when you need cloud service to help you gather information. You might wonder whether we can provide adequate support for users if you give up the existing data collection software and switch to Octoparse.

Octoparse already has more than 180,000 users in China. Needless to say, everyone in Octoparse team is committed to making a strong product in the field of big data and we all strive to provide better service.

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