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[Octoparase User Review] By Hayk Antonyan, Coherence Works LLC, from Armenia – Basic Plan User

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Overall: 5.0

Ease of Use: 5

Features & Functionality: 5

Customer Support: 5

Value for Money: 5


I have tried about 20 web data extraction software incl. online ones and desktop apps. I have stopped at Octoparse as for me it appeared to be the best option because:

  1. It offers a “linear” (in the good sense) and convergent WorkFlow for a job versus the rather messy and distractingly branching/forking semantics of the process of other software,where after a certain point you lose the touch/control because of steeply growing complexity along the steps of the WorkFlow (this problem with other software is even more severe when the WorkFlow steps are named in quite an arbitrary manner by the vendor leaving you without any clues as to what the given step is about,or how you are supposed to carry it out, etc.);
  2. Its workflow is simple/straightforward, friendly and intuitive. With Octoparse you do not need hours or days of training/reading of instructions, tutorials, etc. as is the case with the other software I have tried/tried to go through; the process is highly structured and coherent in Octoparse;
  3. It does not require any specialized/professional skills of any kind of coding.

As a possible drawback I would point to the relatively weak consistency among the offered 4 modes of extraction. I have noticed that there are a few inconsistencies in step logic mapping/matching across some of them, but I have not explored all of them to be honest, so this problem may in fact be less significant.

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