Shopify Product Scraper to Crawl Shopify Stores for Free

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If you are looking for a Shopify scraper, you are on the right page. This article will introduce a no-code web scraping tool, which can crawl product data from Shopify store into spreadsheets easily and quickly. Keep reading to learn the detail steps.

What Data Can Be Scraped from Shopify

As the product data is presented in a structured format, it can be easily recognized by the robot and within a few clicks, we can bulk scrape them. With all these product data at hand, conducting a market analysis or product research could be a lot easier.

Get Shopify product data including:

  • Product name
  • Page Url
  • Price
  • Description

3 Steps to Scrape Shopify Without Coding

Before starting, you need to download and install Octoparse on your computer (Windows/Mac), and sign up an account for free. It’s an easy and free Shopify data scraper even you have know nothing about coding. In this part, we will take this Shopify product page as an example. You can choose your target URLs where you are going to scrape product data from. By using Octoparse, its AI algorithm will help auto-detect the product data on the web page and arrange them in a table for your selection. Now, let’s see how to build a Shopify scraper within three easy steps.

Step One: Select the data you need to scrape

Run Octoparse on your computer and enter the URL into the search bar. As you click the “Start” button, the page will be soon rendered in the Octoparse built-in browser.

A popup can be annoying when you tries to scrape a website. When this happens, find the “browse” button and turn it on. With the browsing mode on, you can close the popup as you do in the browser. Click it once again to go back to scraping mode.


In the Octoparse user interface, you will find an orange panel – the Tips Panel. The option “Auto-detect web page data” is a command to let the robot scan through the web page and offer sets of data that you are very likely looking for. As the auto-detection completes, datasets are shown in the preview section.

Step Two: Confirm and generate the scraper

By clicking “switch auto-detect results”, you can choose among different sets of detected data.

select shopify data field

The algorithm is developed to detect different forms of structured data, such as product listing data, data in a table, long-form articles with titles, author and publish date, etc. Generally, in a well-structured web page, the HTML code of this data shows some patterns and Octoparse is able to parse them intelligently for our users. Moreover, you are free to delete any redundant data field and leave whatever you would like to extract from the page. And you can always pick up the correct data manually if the fetched data does not match your needs 100%.

As you have picked the right set of data, click the “Create workflow” button, and then the workflow will be automatically generated on the right-hand side. That’s right! You have just built your own Shopify scraper.

(Advanced settings)

  • Are you scraping product data across pages or screens? 

Then you have to tell the robot to click the “next page” button, “load more” button, or simply scroll down a few screens once the data has been collected.

  • Besides listing data, want to click on the detail page to capture more specific product data like description text?

In this case, click “Click on link(s) to scrape the linked page(s)” can help to meet this requirement. As we have captured Title-URL, that’s where we can click and enter into the detail page of each product.

set to scrape shopify data across pages or screens

Step Three: Run the task and download 

Once the workflow is well built, click the “Run” button on the right upper corner above and Octoparse will gather the product data for you. If you are a free user, you are confined to run your task locally. If you have subscribed to our plan, cloud scraping service is available. In the meantime, you can schedule the task to run weekly, daily, or hourly.


Octoparse can be extremely helpful if you are in need of eCommerce data. eCommerce sellers usually use Octoparse to scrape product data from: 

  • Marketplaces like Amazon, Aliexpress, Shopify, etc.
  • Retailing sites like Walmart, Lotte, and online stores of some brands, etc.
  • Their suppliers’ websites for direct use. 

This data can shed light on where you are and give clues to a better business decision when you dig into it through market analysis, product research and more.

Shopify Top Store List

If you are looking for stores that rock the market and would love to capture data from these sites, I have a way to reach top Shopify stores. No, I am not talking about Google search.

As Shopify stores are held under certain IPs which are owned by the Shopify company, you can enter their IP address and the list of Shopify stores will show out themselves, and be ranked accordingly.

shopify top store list

That’s all. This is a strong data source for eCommerce or drop shipping analysis. Here are 9 ways you can benefit from eCommerce data you may want to consult with:

  • MAP compliance
  • Competition analysis
  • Discount tracking
  • Regional availability
  • SEO ranking monitoring
  • Reviews analysis

Download Octoparse here and give it a try. Get your feet wet with web scraping and you will have fun with web data. If you have any problems using Octoparse, feel free to talk to our support team (support@octoparse.com).

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