Python Web Crawler? Create Your Own Crawler in 4 Steps!

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Create Your Web Crawler Without Python/Coding

The HTMLParser module for Python can help you parse the HTML tag and other elements inside, and is truly an easy way to deal with HTML. What if I tell you there is an automation tool that can parse HTML even more efficiently? Octoparse, a free and easy-to-use web data extractor, can parse any web page and extract HTML elements. You can totally nail it within 3-5 minutes if you learn to use Octoparse for a while.

>Newest tutorial: Scrape Amazon with Octoparse 8

In this article, I’ll show you how to use Octoparse 6.X to parse Amazon. Let’s just say how to build an Amazon crawler using Octoparse.

Step 1. 

Enter the URL you want to extract data from.

Step 2. 

Choose the part of the content you want to scrape. Usually, Octoparse will be picking up a whole piece of data before you can extract more specific information. 

When you choose the second part which shares the same layout as the previous part, Octoparse will automatically get all the parts with a similar layout.

Step 3.

Select what you want to extract. Here we will extract product names, prices, brands, pictures, etc.

Step 4. 

Configure pagination. In most cases, we need to extract data from multiple web pages.

Your web crawler has been created! Run the task on your own computer and Octoparse will crawl and parse data from multiple pages. Certainly, you can export the structured data you just extracted from these web pages to different data formats like Excel, Text, HTML etc., or import the data into your own database. Octoparse API and cloud service will definitely make your own crawler more efficient and stable.

Octoparse can be used for many other purposes like price comparison and market strategy. So, how long would it take to create such a useful crawler? Less than 5 minutes! Unbelievable, right? It will take you more than 5 minutes unless you spend 10 minutes watching Octoparse tutorials first and use two Octoparse modes (Task Templates and Advanced Mode) by following the prompts. Sign up now to see if you can create your own crawler for Octoparse in 5 minutes. 

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