Octoparse Web Scraper Provides Core Market Data for Web Developer

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Octoparase User Review

By Kamiyab Mukhi from India – Basic Plan User

I am a web developer and I have a project where clients also need core market data to be filled up from sites like Alibaba, Justdial, olx.com, etc. That’s why I use web crawler tools for data retrieval. I finally come to Octoparse with the excellent RegEx tool and XPath tool after searching for those data extractors.

I use Octoparse to get the data I want and then upload it to my database. Well, believe me, it didn’t go well on the first attempt. It was when I went through all the sample cases and the videos that I understood how to properly use the software.

For olx.com and Justdial, it was fine but had a lot of problems with Alibaba.com. Though Octoparse doesn’t recommend scraping Alibaba.com

I finally made it with great effort. I got the phone number to log in and tried to scrape the information I want. It took one complete day to succeed in the end, and that too with local extraction, but still, it suffices me as I finally got the data I want. So in this way, I was able to collect a fair amount of data from here and could use it on my client’s site. The XPath tool helped me a lot with the Justdial site and the cookie tool in specific, for Alibaba. I think speed is also good but could even be better. It seems that cloud service is much faster but I haven’t tried it before.

Hope my case study would guide new Octoparse users a direction of use/faith in the software.

Thank you.

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