Make Use of Web Data Extraction to Know better Where You are On the market

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In any industry, you have to know your position on the market. Your position on the market means that by compared with your competitors, what the different values that you bring to customers  are, and how to embody your values in the meantime. In the industry where you’re, what you need to do is to set up and maintain the relationships with your customers.

Is there any way to gather your customers’ thoughts?

How do you judge the market ? By your experience or data analysis? But no matter how, you need to understand that either is no right or wrong. They’ re meant to collect more information for decision-making.

To judge by experience, we can receive useful feedback from our dealers and customers, especially when there is a competitor. People may tell you that he is doing better than you in some aspects. But it was through a lot of research and questionnaire analysis that people got the experience. When you get that experience, your competitor has already made a new strategy.

Then what should we do?

In fact, you can get it from social websites , from e-commerce websites , from any corner of the place where your competitor may show on the Internet and collect any information you want. You can collect reviews on your products from customers. If you do a little statistical analysis, or use some visual-analysis tools, you will know what they exactly discuss. You can focus on the key words to understand your products from their views, including any of your promotional activities, how the reputation is, what they want you to improve.

But before that, you need a web data extraction system. Actually we are just like you. We also have several strong competitors, including import.io and mozenda. And we don’t even know exactly how many competitors out there. We also use lots of crawlers to crawl the places where our competitors gather, to investigate what people discuss on web data collection and questions that bother them. We gained a lot of information and try our best to solve every problem. We are more eager than anyone to make our product better.

How we do it?

We collect every review and discussion about web scraping from Facebook, Twitter, Stack Overflow, which helps us figure out what their weaknesses are. So a free version is now available. The tool is free so that every one can have their own crawler to easily collect data. The way we make profit is very simple. If you need cloud servers for your data collection, you may try the service that will cost you a little. The standard version has 4 cloud servers and the professional version has 10, which will make the extraction easier. Now what do you think?

No matter what kind of product you have , no matter where you position is in the industry, I think you should be interested in what your customers talk about on Facebook and Twitter. This may be your opportunity to figure out that key point to how you improve your products and services.

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