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What is “Hello, World!”

The “Hello, World!” is Octoparse’s practice center where you can hone your web scraping skills with Octoparse. It is the perfect place for a newbie in using a web scraping tool.

In order to get you onboard quickly, we prepared 5 two-minute videos which covered some basic functions. In addition, it provides 5 test sites (Check to view our test site: http://test-sites.octoparse.com/) which can help you gain hands-on experience in building a scraping bot with Octoparse.

What is the difference between the Octoparse Hello World and Octoparse tutorials? 

The major difference between Hello World and Octoparse Tutorials is that we create test sites for you to practice. As most newbies face difficulties in extracting data from dynamic and complex websites, we designed websites with basic layouts for practicing. Test sites cover three major categories: E-commerce, News Articles, and Table Content. With these test sites, you will learn how to scrape listing pages, detail pages, and table information. 

How to use Hello World?

There are five sections in Octoparse Hello World. They are not consecutively related. You can start by picking the one you are interested in. Watch the video first. As you feel comfortable, you can start building a scraper with the provided test site.  Try it Now 

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