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New Version 6.4.1 Released - Octoparse

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

We’re proud to announce that the arrival of the new version 6.4.1 of Octoparse is now available for downloading with new features and many bug fixes from the previous released version 6.2!


Before introducing the new features, we are now launching a new campaign celebrating Octoparse anniversary and promoting Octoparse! It is a big deal–really big! All Standard Plans and Professional Plans will have a great discount up to 35% from March 15th to March 24th. Plus, Octoparse will give users a special offer of BUY 3 GET 1 FREE. You can't miss it! Find great value from our promotion right now by clicking HERE.





Please note: Your current Octoparse will not be affected by this update, and changes will not be implemented until you update your Octoparse.


Here are the highlights:


  • Better manage your tasks

With a single click on the setting icon following a task/task category, Octoparse will allow you to manage and operate your task/task category more flexibly in the Start Interface. This enhancement helps you directly perform the task without needing to edit it. You can now refresh or rename the task category, or even set scheduled Cloud Extraction for a task category!




  • Better performance for cloud scrape and local scrape

The speed of Octoparse cloud services is much faster than ever, which is really a good news for users who need to scrape large amounts of data within a short time. Besides, the new feature - Save the Configuration, allows you to apply the saved scheduled settings to batch tasks and then the tasks will be executed based on your local time zone on your laptop.



For the task running on your own machine, Octoparse has a much better client performance and greatly improved the extraction speed with reduced memory usage and the high-quality data extracted. New features, Extraction Failure Report and Speed Up Extraction Reminders will help you optimize the extraction.


  • Data export improvement

New features for Octoparse API enables you to get the data from the task based on the storage time or you can just get the data from the last Cloud Extraction. You can get the data extracted via API whenever you like.


You can now export the data extracted to MySQL with an authority.


The data extracted will not be deleted abnormally. The data extracted from multiply pages will be clearly merged into one when exporting data.


  • Some bugs fixes

Some existing bugs in previous release had been resolved. For example, we resolved the bug of invalid default value setting.


In addition to that, we added some new enhancements to the loading function when viewing the data extracted and the pagination settings in Octoparse Wizard mode.


Read the complete release notes to learn more about the new features and download the new packages HERE.


The Octoparse support team is here to help you with your data extraction. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, or email us at



Author: The Octoparse Team



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